What is Beauty?

Hey Beautiful people,

Just a short post here to share my thought on this topic, it has been bothering me for quite some time and I have not seen anyone touch base on this topic. It's quite controversial as in this modern society, many have opinions like as long as I like it and beauty it's in the eye of the beholder. Nevertheless, I do agree, but there are some doubts I have about it. As many realize and know that social media is playing a big part in our life now, children and adults are both immerse into the land of social media; the definition of beauty these days are gonna affect the growth of future generations. Beauty Trends, for one will not only imprint an image into children that if they want to be define as beautiful they need to look and dress a certain way.

Do note I am not referring every single living human on this planet, just a hypothetical thought.

There're so much beauty and fashion trends these days that may be super costly and has now become a paid job to follow and keep up with these trends, many are just famous and being paid because they are able to look a certain way. Without them knowing they are also role modals which their younger followers look up to; monkey see monkey do, it will imprint a certain image into their minds unconsciously.

We just need to be aware of it; I've seen children fighting and pestering their parents to buy them expensive beauty products and fashion items which are on trend. Not to mention, if they don't get it they will rebel and use other ways to get it. Next, they will look for cheaper alternatives with the same brand but not knowing it may be a fake and damage their skin or break before fair use.

Due to these few issues, I do not know what is beauty define as anymore. I used to stand by saying that no matter what or how you look like, it does not define who you are ,because you can always change it with beauty products. I gave it a few thought and I found that it does not sit right anymore, because everyone wants to be beautiful and not many can afford products. What should I stand by?

Anyone feel this way? Or is it just me?

Till next time


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