Travel to Borneo 2.1 : Beauty Essentials

In my first ever post travel to borneo, I did not talked about what beauty essentials I bought with me as if you know me I will bring everything. What I've learn from the first trip was that I did not need much makeup as I thought but mostly essentials and skin care. 

So my fist list are hygiene care, which are basically toiletries. 

1. ToothPaste & ToothBrush
2. Facial Wash ( A good cleanser with makeup removing properties are better)
3. Body Wash
4. Shampoo (I don't really need conditioner there)
5. Feminim Wash ( When you're on that time of the month)

Beauty Essentials, like my skincare, makeup and others

1. SunBlock, I cannot stress enough how important this one is. ( a face & body one will do you fine)
2. Aloe Vera Gel it's a all in one moisturizer for face & body
3. Eye Cream and two sheet mask(2 per week)
4. A light weight foundation/ BB cream
5. EyeBrow pencil
6. Mascara
7. Powder
8. Urban Decay On the Go Palette ( it has everything I need in there)
9. Eyeliner
10. Make-up wipes
11. Q-tips
12. Toilet Rolls
13. A small bottle of Coconut Oil

Those are my essentials that I packed for the 2nd trip, I think I will keep updating on what I will bring along on my next few trips.
I hope you guys find this helpful and if you have any questions at all don't be a stranger and ask me.

Till next time, xoxo.


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