Travel to Borneo 2.0: Pre Planing Phase & Traveling

Hello beautiful, why not start the today with another travel blog post. I was lucky enough to be able to travel back to Sabah early this year for 13 days, which was a so short but so memorable. The more I go back there the more I fall in love with the place, it ain't a social media paradise but it's paradise to me. I pre-planned to get an Action Camera before this trip to be able to Vlog my stay there but I could not find a good and affordable one, but I am planing to get one before my next trip. ( Yes, I am planing to go back there again)

This trip was the same as last which Constantine ( My Love) traveled back there first before me, last years was a few days earlier this round it was 2 weeks. He has to see to some issues and family work and I have a baby niece to welcome, so both of us had to go back separately.

The last trip was very last minute but this one I had a full 3 weeks to prepare for but still wasn't able to get everything I wanted, from packing and filming & recording content on my social media accounts. I really wish I was able to film there and really show you guys a 'through my eyes' kind of experience. Do tell me if you would like that kind of content?

 First and foremost, I was planing to bring as much stuff as I could fit in my 30kg allowance baggage, from food to stuffs that are expensive to get there. What I learn from the last trip was buying everything we need from Tambunan was going to cost us much more and by buying from here will be much cheaper and cost friendly.

With that aside, buying the tickets was tricky. From choosing the airline to the price of the tickets, but I found a very helpful site of comparing all 3 airlines that flew domestic from KUL to BKI not only that it casually have promotional codes that you can apply for a cheaper rate; which I love. Traveloka, is what I always and will continue to use. #notSponsored *but I wish I was. They also have an app but I prefer to purchase the tickets from my laptop. In conclusion I choose to fly with Malindo Air and it was very pleasant as it have 30kg Baggage Allowance, a Light Meal(Pizza of course) and in flight entertainment.

Do leave your comments down on what you would like to know about my trip, I have so mach to tell so do expect part 2 and 3

Till next time,


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