Cooking Diary - College Edition

ok, honestly I am no pro or a culinary student. You don't have to follow (Strictly) to what I do, i just wanna share a few recipes and tricks cause I couldn't find many recipes that are easy for a college student in Malaysia to do. So I decided to make my own series.

On Weekends when you do not have plans. This is what you can make.

Chicken / Egg Wrap

Any types of wrap/bread of your preference. 
I used the Missions WholeGrain Wrap
Coconut Butter (yes, it's vegan) (Optional)
Cream Cheese ( Optional) 
Chicken Fillets 
Salad leaves ( Wash them first)

Taw your chicken first if it was sitting in the freezer, and you can buy chicken fillets or even a chicken breast(pre cut and store) make it faster for you when you wanna cook it.

My tip for defrosting fast is to soak it in luke warm water(not boiling or hot, it should a lil warm) if not it will cook ur chicken.
I seasoned my chicken with sesame oil, salt and ajinomoto. (Just throw all in a small bowl toss it until it's coated)

Then in your pan add a lil oil and stir fry it until it is golden brown and cooked. I like mine a lil chared.

Heat your tortilla wrap or bread, then you can assemble your wrap.
I used coconut butter or cream cheese as my dressing.
If you wanna make an egg wrap it will be much easier just fried up two eggs and assemble.

On a college morning sometimes we are so lazy and tired or running late, this is the breakfast for you.

- A bowl of cereal of Choice
- An Energy bar/breakfast bar
- A few packs of biscuits and a small carton of milk
- A fruit and a Gardenia Bun

Now if you have time on your hands you can always make the wrap/ sandwich for breakfast but also maybe if you wan something heavier I do have other recipes and ideas.
Unfortunately, that's all for today. I'll see you guys in my next post! 


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