Welcome 2017! A new year, a new resolution & try sticking to it. (which I always failed) But it does not mean I will stop trying. Resolution are like goals and a guideline to help oneself change, add or even adapt a certain habit/ behavior.

This year I am hoping to change certain behaviors of myself and adapt a more minimalistic lifestyle, I'm not going to start throwing all my stuff away like right now but I'm learning about that lifestyle and try to adapt to it throughout the year. It's a goal I would want to adapt to keep myself more organize and focus on my task, as it will help clear up my space and lifestyle. (hopefully save me some money in the process, as I am not buying much) If you guys are living a minimalistic lifestyle or are learning as well, do leave me some tips & tricks in the comment section below.

Furthermore, I would like to be able to plan my schedule better & keep up with my social media(Blog&Youtube). I jump on and off in posting content writing so much ideas but not being able to carry it out, which is a huge bummer. To add to my list, I want to trying working and studying, which I will take up a part time job while still going to college. I think that will be a great content to write about, as it will help me update my content here and share my experience too.

I am ending this post here as I know no one likes a lengthy post to read, and I am setting small goals for 2017 and leaving my path to God. Every year I set like 100 things on my list for new years but end up doing maybe 1or 2, so this year I am setting small goals easier to achieve and adapt.

Do tell me your resolutions I would love to read them as well, if it's in a blog post just leave ur link in the comment below.

Till next time,


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