REVIEW REVEALED : Missha Sheer Fluid Shading

Hey everybody, I am back with a new review for you pretties. This is the Missha Sheer Fluid Shading, the name is grammerly weird but it's basically a liquid bronzer. Sounds like a disaster in a bottle doesn't it? I hope it's not, because wouldn't it be so cool to have a liquid bronzer. When this arrive in my Althea Box I was quite surprise on the size of it, I did not exactly read the 'oz or ml' so it was partially my fault and due to over excitement when I saw the product. Honestly I was expecting something bigger for the price thou.

The name sheer did not lie, it was really sheer. To get an intense color you really need to build it up a lot, if you are snow white fair or really fair a lil goes a long way for you. Unfortunately I am not that fair I have some color to my skin and I need a few good pumps to have a natural contour that is not that intense. I used the product 2-3 times only and I'm already half way thru the product; this does not have shade choices it only have one shade. Indeed this product was develop for koreans and koreans have very fair skin so this is a perfect shade for them to contour, it ain't as intense as western makeup.

This shade is more cool tone than warm, I like this more more day time contour when I wanna look more natural and because it is liquid it sinks into the skin much natural looking than powders.


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