Healthy Way to 2017

Hello Everybody!!!!

'My resolution for the upcoming year is to be more healthy, go to gym, eat healthy, lose weight.....'

That is most of us isn't it? That's me I would say, but going the 1st week eating only salad running for 2 hours, spending time on gym; next week devouring KFC, Pizza Hut, the new cafe and junks. Being more realistic is to take baby steps, research and consistency. I have a few tips on being healthier and sticking your resolution and working slowly to reach your goal, because I was that person too. 

Keep saying I need to eat healthier, I need to work out.... the list goes on. 

Here are some baby steps that work out for me and help me change my lifestyle throughout the year.

1. Op for healthier options 
  • Sub Junk Food for Fresh Fruits, Sweet Fruits, Fruit with Plum Seasoning to make it Savory.
  • Choose Steam/Roast/BBQ than Fried Options.
  • Keep everything RAW, less preservatives ( I know Ramen is Yummy and Easy but 10 years later when you are losing hair and blood pressure rises you will regret)
  • Op for Freshly Squeeze Juices and Plant Base Drinks( Soy, Rice and Almond base milk or drinks) Stay away from carbonated drinks and sweet can drinks.
  • Cut back on dairy and animal fat, they are much harder to digest and burn.
  • Choosing Lean Meat, fatty meat are fragrant and yummy but those are the things that cause the lower ab flab and cellulite.
  • Eat more carbs *Carbohydrates( Rice, White Bread and noodles) in the mornings so you will be fueled up for the day.
  • Cut Back on fatty gravy, tasty gravy normally contains Lard(Pork Fats) or Even Cow Fats. It makes the gravy tasty and fragrant hence, we want to consume more and more. 
  • Watch Vegan Recipe/HealthyRecipe Videos on YouTube, it will show you that you can still have that massive burger but a healthier option. You will not be sacrificing your taste pleasure. 
2. Working Out
  • If you are just starting, you do not need to follow the high intense people you see in the gym.
  • You will not lose 1 kg after one session, stop looking at the scale so much. Focus on doing more reps and pushing urself to be stronger.
  • Start with Cardio, Jogging, Cycling, Jumping Jacks; get your body heated and a lil sweaty and move with a lil strength training. 
  • Always warm up, stretching your body. Be consistent in your routines and push a lil further when you feel its easy. 
  • No GYM?! No problem, jog around where you live don't stop until your tired and a lil sweaty. Until your heart is really pumping and a short of breath, walk it out and walk further to cool down. 
  • Find some online workout you can do at home, squats, pilates and even yoga. 
  • Drink a lot of water to replace the water you lose during work out.
  • Taking Stairs and walking will make a difference as well, but it doesn't mean you can skip work out totally!
  • Don't eat a big super big meal after work out, you will only gain than lose.
I really hope you guys enjoy this lil post, it's kind of different. I thought it might be fun to share with you guys what I faced before. 

Till next time, xoxo.


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