#2 Travel to Borneo..TBC...Part 1

Hello Everybody!!!

In my last post , I wrote about my trip to Kuching, Sarawak for the Sukma Games, today I will be writing on my trip to Sabah. I did not combine it as this trip I have more to share, I wish I had a GoPro to record my experience and that will be on my Wishlist to be able to record my time there with a GoPro. 

My Sarawak trip was more of a work trip than leisure but Sabah it was all leisure and learning new things, plus I have a lot of beautiful pictures to show you guys. 

Long story short, I went to Sabah to visit my boyfriend's family, he went back there a few days  earlier and cause I had some work to finish off before I go. Flying solo. *SAD* Anyways, yes my boyfriend is from Sabah he is a Dusun from Tambunan; that's where I am going. Unfortunately I didn't get to take pictures of my way to his place. Basically after I landed he called said a Toyato Unser will pick me up and all I have to do is tell him where is his place. *Well....I have no freaking idea where is his place* A few Things went down. 

1) Communication Error 
-the driver thought I could understand the local native language, I don't. Maybe my accent do sound like I know but I don't.

2) I waited almost 2 hours before the driver arrive
-Because my boyfriend had to call the driver and communicate to him on my behalf.

3) I was freaking hungry
-It was almost 11am and I haven't had breakfast cause my flight was at 0630. 

4) The Unser was packed
-It was basically a Taxi Service to bring people from KK to Tambunan 

5) I was quite tired and doze off the trip to Tambunan
-I didn't sleep much cause I was afraid I won't be able to wake up in time

6) It took almost 2 hours to reach Tambunan 
- The trip was uphill and passing a lot of villages, the breeze was so fresh and cold. I love it. 

7) Communication with the Driver and Passengers
- All of them knew I was not 'local' and were very nice, they helped me, asking me questions and to my surprise My boyfriend was quite well known and they know who he was. 

Finally I arrive at my boyfriend's place, I was excited to see him(typical needy gf) and the driver complimented on his buff body and it's been awhile he saw him and all. They were really surprise why a city girl like me has a boyfriend from a rural village, all I did was smile. I love him, not for where he lives or what he owns. 

OK guys this is Part1 of my Sabah Trip it is very special for me and I would like to share as much detail as I can partly I just want to have it recorded down somewhere so I can come back to read it. 

Till Part 2, tell me if you like this kind of post, if you guys do I would love to do this more!


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