#2 Travel to Borneo Part 2

In my last post ' #2 Travel to Borneo Part 1 ', I talked about my 1st day trip to Tambunan; if you want to know the details, Click Here.
Part 2 I am going to talk about how different and beautiful the place is plus the living environment, for your information I am a city girl, born and raised; it might be a nightmare for some but not me.

This is his house, honestly I was not shock or disappointed. I kinda already guess and he showed me an old picture before.
It's literally fully wood and bamboo except the roof which is Zinc. 
No Matter what your house it's made of it's still a Home.
No forgetting how would my city friends and family respond to this if they have to experience this, it would be a nightmare for them all. 

That is him all dressed up to cut the grass around the house.

 We went to the local market to get some groceries to cook and picked up some snacks too, we then went to the Palm Oil Estate where his parents worked. I was taking some pictures and did not realize I took this one , it's funny. That is his youngest brother and the dad. 

The food was different, they hunt for meat they grow their own veggies. I took like a ton of pictures and the air was so fresh and cold. The toilet is just a plastic cubicle, the water comes from tanks and the shower area is open. I can not describe how much they went through, as lil kids we have so much privileges and still think we do not have enough. When I see kids there, with so lil they have; I realize how lucky I was to have so much more when I was younger. In terms of food, toys and facilities. 

The air was so cold there the breeze was free from the polluted air that we get in the city is west Malaysia, exotic food can seen in every household; snakes, bats, mice and even squirrels. 

Honestly I really enjoy my time there, I have many pictures to show you all, I hope you all enjoy. 

Please if you have any questions please comment down below.

Like what I have mention before, the kids here have so little, in this picture you can see his lil brother is playing with a rubber circle thing on a box of sand. When I asked him what is he playing he describe the thing as a car and the dumbbell there was his bulldozer. 

Wild imaginations creates the best experience, he yearns for new toys and toys that us city kids are so privilege to have and owned. But, many kids like him in the village have non of those and that made me appreciate what I have in the past and what my parents have work so hard to provide me with. 

We went to the river for BBQ and swimming, it was the best experience ever. That is his lil sis and brother.

Trips like this to the river is not just for recreation purpose only, but his family have to go there often because the government has yet to bring water to their district. Often then not they had to bath there, do laundry, dishes and even collect water there to bring home. The river here is called 'Sg Tikolod', a protected river that forbids villagers and locals to fish there. 

That is his mum picking 'Tuhau' for us to bring back, it's like a lemongrass type preserve veggies that taste awesome as a side dish. Sweet Sour and Spicy. YUMS.. Local food like those are the only thing they have with rice when times are hard or when they are pretty far away from home, a simple tuhau with steaming rice is able to get them through the day. It makes me question why was I so picky dreading of eating the same meal day by day when I was younger. His people had no choice. Not all the people in Tambunan face this but most of them still do, how beautiful this place is and how they lived with so little does not make them ant different from us in the city why should people still label them as stupid and uneducated?

You can see when you have very little early in life it makes you into something better, here you can see him with a 'Parang' knife and shaping the wood plank into a gun like art. I did not have the after shot of the gun but it was amazing and all of that was completed in one day. Plus he has an amazing voice too. 

I accidentally caught this image outside his house on the Mango Tree

The wonderful view from his house, its so beautiful and relaxing to wakeup to every morning. Chilling with a cup of coffee in the evening with this view.
This is what mother nature wants us to preserve in west Malaysia we only knew how to chop down trees to build more buildings but not caring what mother nature have given us. 

Finally, it's time to go home. It was really sad to leave, I cried but I really do love that place. I know some of you might be thinking what my family think of this, they still can't accept him to be honest; but I know he is doing his best to show them that he could really take care of me and I trust he would.
This trip was worth it and I have no regrets in coming down to Tambunan, Sabah; this trip opened up my eyes to many things not only I got to understand my boyfriend's culture, family and history but I learned life lessons that help me appreciate the smallest things in life and never take anything for granted. But for now it's time to go home and I would want to go back again and explore more places in Sabah and Sarawak where the cultures blossom into a beautiful society.

Till next time, xoxo


  1. wow the views are spectacular!

    1. I know there are even more pictures with me, I just pick a few good ones. So many places so little time.


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