Must Have Sneakers Shoes 2016

As many of you fashion lovers will know that sneakers have been taking over the fashion trend, I personally think it started off with Kristen Stewart rocking a converse shoes with a dress on the red carpet.

Look how a converse shoes can dress up or down any outfit, I would recommend white converse as it is more versatile and it could brighten up any look. I personally have one and I am in love!

I love to pair it with a little black dress or any dark outfits, I can quickly change my night dresses with just a change of a shoe.4

Wonder how you want to look sporty but not wanting to look like you are hitting the gym? Plus, do you know that by just wearing a famous sport brand sneakers will instantly make you sporty? For example, Black Nikes. Instead of your skinny jeans, blouse and flats try switching up to a pair of Nikes, you will instantly look sporty without going overboard. Furthermore, I dress my casual tshirt dress up with a pair of nikes. They are amazing, comfort plus fashion, who does not love that?

Be Bold
Be Different
You do not need to go to the Gym to wear Nikes.
Wear it with your outfits.

Must Have Sneakers Shoes!

Wink* There's a link above where you can get those babies and more! You're welcome!

Lastly, for my girly girls not into the simple white or black nikes?
Well, Keds have many amazing girly designs to celebrity collaboration (T - Swift) that will make you heart tinggle.

Personally, I see Keds as a girlier version for sneakers much more feminine. Designs are unlimited too, usually falls below the ankle and wearing it with a slightly crop pants will give a lil skin to show some sexy-ness.

I sincerely hope you guys enjoy this post and comment down below on what type you prefer?
1. White Converses?
2. Black Nikes?
3. Keds?
Hope to see you guys in my next post & remember to follow me on all my social media and check out my Youtube Channel @EileenWrighton
Love you all! xoxo


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