The Dreamy Starlett Makeup Tutorial | 2015

Hey beautiful, as promise I have created a look and asked some of you to help me name my look; my dear of brother responded ' The Dreamy Starlett '. Hence, that the title of this look.

This tutorial is a step by step guide using pictures rather than a video guide, as some may have some difficulties loading due to internet problems; I have the same issue.

I will try my best to be precise as much as I can, thus I will be posting a second post on the products I used ; here I am just going to describe the color and the texture of products and list the product I use along with it.

Enjoy The Pictures!

Let's not take up more time talking about nonsense, let's begin. 

First and foremost, I would start with eye makeup as I'm using glitter. There will be fallout, so do your eyes before your foundation; it will be easier to clean up. 

 Use the Gold Pencil to trace the outline of your brow; use the beige eyeliner to highlight the brow bone.

I use that brown matte eye shadow to fill in the brow and the eyeliner to use on my 'Eye Lids', 'Lower Lash Line'

Use this as my Primer for my eye lids.

I mix those two colors and blend it on the eyeliner base. This the Sleek Palette in Au Natural.

 That is the lash glue I use and The Eyeliner
This is the glitter that I use.

I use 'Toast' as my transitional color.

I use the NARS Sheer Glow in Fiji/Light5

I use my NARS Soft Velvet Loose Powder in Eden
Use my Sleek Face Form in Fair. I use the bronze shade to contour.

This is the NARS Dual Intensity Blusher in Adoration (Click for Product Review)

 NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul
Tarte Lights, Camera , LASHES Mascara
Voila! Cat ish eye look.
Hope you guys enjoy this look!!! If you do recreate it remember to #EileenLook13

Love you guys!! xoxo
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