Oppsss.. Has it been a Month?

It's been a month since I last posted, I'm sorry. I was too busy with college. So many stuff on my plate, just started to sort them out.
1. I'm moving to KL for college, it's going to be a scary process.
2. Trying to figure out what's my next step.
3. Blog ideas are limited by some issues.
4. Dealing with my anxiety of moving away and living alone again.
5. YouTube Videos pending cause my laptop can't survive the long editing process.
I will be updating more often soon, I hope you guys have been patient with me.
Here's what I have been up when I was not Blogging
1. Cooking 

2. Birthdays

Bestie's 21st Birthday +Rachael Teoh 

Daddy's Birthday 

2. Road Trips 

Flew to KLIA2 & reach the hotel
Went back to JB and had Haagen Daz Chocolate Fondue!!!!

After that trip we came back Penang  & visited Hakka Village at Teluk Bahang 

 After that we came to Kl with daddy, mum was tired walking from the LRT back to Bukit Jalil, we went and visit my new campus and hostel. We went to The Mines after daddy's meeting before heading back to Penang.

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