Everyday College Essentials : Make Up & Hair

I'm starting my own college essentials series, obviously being a makeup lover I have to start with makeup. Skincare is important but mine are pretty basic, if you guys still wanna see it I can try and get something together. Don't be shy just asked me, leave a comment below, you don't need a blog account to leave a comment just a google account. =)

College makeup is very simple and you want everything to look good and natural, especially those late night work and 8am class type of day.

My essentials with glasses are:-
- Eye Brow Pencil
- Brown Eye Pencil / Eyeshadow
- Tinted lip Balm

This is my go to everyday when I'm wearing glasses.Go Nerd day.

My essentials when I'm not wearing glasses are:-
- Mascara
- Eye Brow Pencil
- Blusher
- Tinted Lip Balm

For hair, I wash my hair every day I have class so yeah I basically always go to college with clean hair.

I use 3 Products and depending on how much time I have, I would use different ones.

- Hair Wax
-Treatment Spray
- Hair Serum

I don't love blow drying my hair as I'm afraid I might damage it even more, so I would only blow dry it if I do have presentation and use the hair wax to style it, teasing it here and there to add texture.

On normal days I would towel dry my hair and spray the treatment on my hair avoiding the roots and focus on the ends. After that I'll take 2 pumps of my hair serum and apply it from the ear down. Then scrunch it a lil and let it air dry.

That's basically how I do my hair and makeup everyday for college simple and easy, so never say you're ugly today you're just too lazy to make yourself pretty.

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