Ok, I'm nosy. I like What's in my Bag videos on YouTube so I wanted to share my unfiltered version of what's in my bag, normally I'll clean out the Junk Outta my bag very often. And I did not dileberatelly took out or put in stuff for this post, unless I just came back from an outting. If you want that type of what's in bag please let me know!

A lil Disclaimer! I'm not in anyway trying brag about what I have, if this kind of post or stuff disturb you, you can always close the window and move on to my other post or to other sites! I just love this kind of videos and blogs so I decided to write one myself.

Ok, let's start.

First of all I got this bag 2 years ago for Chinese New Year, still in awesome condition. It's from Guess I know it aint Micheal Kors or Chanel, but I love it. It's really easy to carry and fit tons of my goodies if I arrange them accordingly. ( Oh ya I change my bags often too, I have about I have about 4 purses)

I always carry a small bottle of water with me! You need to keep urslef hydrated girls!

A facial water spray for those hot humid days! If you live in places like Malaysia which is hot you know what I mean!!

Body Mist, I normally change up what fragrance I bring with me, sometimes is a small vile but recently I have been bringing this around with me! Current Mood! (Mum & Dad got this for me on Christmas!)

My Shades! Got this on my 20th Birthday last year, partiallly sponsor by my parents! Just love them! This is the only one I have, see them in action on my instagram! @eileenwrighton.

Dry & Wet Tissues for those messy situations! Sometimes I bring the bigger pack ones, I just ran out of them so I have the smaller one in here.

My purse & a random pen, my purse was orginally belong to my mum and because my purse kept on tearing itself apart my mum decided to give me hers when she receive a new one from my sister.

Band-Aid & Eye Drops! A must! I wear contacts and Sometimes there's always a moment when someone get a cut or I get a cut. So Prevention is better than cure.

This is when it all get excited! Make-UP! Will be a lil boring I don't bring a ton of Make-up with me!
My M.A.C Bloating Powder keep shine at bay.

Two Lipstick, a red and a rose. Make up Forever Mini and Silky Girl. A Morning to night transition!

My lip liner and lip balm. Just love the body shop one smells and taste amazing!

And that's about it!

Let me know what's in ur bag!

Email me!


  1. Perhaps a phone? XD I thought there will be a phone somewhere~

    1. Yes, There is. I just got it out from my bag to charge it, sometimes my camera is inside too. But i was using it ;)

  2. Whoa~ like whole cosmetic department in your bag! My bag only has a camera. Occasionally bring along a power bank. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hey! haahaha! Long time no see, this is consider very little d lo.. If tat whole week full of blog related stuff and outings a quarter of my makeup will be inside! HAHAHA
      Thanks for stopping by


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