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Valentine's Day is coming up in another few days, have any ideas for you makeup?
I have one tutorial to show you guys, super easy to recreate and it will look good on any one!
I have no date on Valentine's but if I do I'll probably wear this look, easy and flirty.

Just a heads up, my skin condition ain't perfect recently. The weather has been playing with my skin and it's seriously flaking up.

Lets start with bases, Primer and Foundation. Depending on how much you wanna cover, decide your foundation coverage. I prefer a light weight base as I don't want my date to come near a wall full of foundation.
I'm using my DIOR Snow Primer.

And a Light Weight Garnier BB Cream

What Frames your face? Eyebrows baby! Fill in the sparse area and brush it thru with a brow brush. Just follow your natural arch. I used my M.A.C Eyebrow pencil in Brunette.

Next lets add some sparkle, I wan a lil sparkle n color. It's super easy do n recreate and I just love how lazy I can be with this method. I used The Face Shop Single Eyeshadow in  Shine Orchid.
I just ever so lightly dust it all over my lids, it give just a lil color and tiny sparkle too.

Now, line them baby! I mean Eyeliner! I'm Using my Maybelline Gel Liner in 01 Black. I'm just lining like normal and drag it out just a lil to elongate the eyes.

I wanna a lil more flirtatiousness to the eyes, how? Half set lashes, full sets are a lil too dramatic. but half sets make it .look more flirty and romantic. I personally love it a lot! But 1st let's just curl the lashes and put on mascara before lashes, Pictures will just show u how, if you wan a video tutorial just tell me! ;) 

Putting on Mascara first help ur lashes blend in with the false ones and your false lashes will last longer. I'm using my Tarte Camera, Lights and Lashes Mascara. Remember to curl them.

Now, Time for FALSE LASHES!! Personally Half set lashes like these are super easy to apply and super comfy too. Flirty eyes here I come!

Apply your glue on the band of the lashes and let it dry for 30-40 second, it makes the glue tacky and much easier to apply. As your lashes won't be moving around too much. Choose a lash glue that dries clear too. Mine dries clear don't worry.

After the glue is tacky apply it to the outer past of your lash line right above your lashes, make sure they are as close to your lash line as possible. You can use tweezers but i'm used to using my fingers.

After that you will get this, the white stuff are the glue it dries clear ok, and if your glue don't dry clear go over with your liner to cover the whiteness.

You can see the difference between my eyes, one is more elongated and flirty, the other is much more normal looking. and it's not too dramatic. 

Top part of the face done, let's go with the cheeks. Let's create a blushing look. I know this year's trend is red blush but I'm taking it to spring with a pastel baby pick blush!

It instantly give you that innocent look to the face.

A nude lip just really tone it down and more neutral look, you can go as bold as red and fuchsia. But i wanna look pretty natural.

This is the Finish Look! I hope you guys enjoy it and enjoy my awkward posing! {> ^ < }

See you guys in my next post! 



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  2. This is sucha sweet look. I'd just add a teensy more blush on the cheeks. :)
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