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This Makeup look it for those who just wanna look Natural but made up for Chinese New Year, super easy and quick no pro tools needed!

First you have to start with a base, any makeup base will do. You don't to get what I am using just find the one which suits you, base & primer actually help your makeup last longer and allows the makeup to sit properly.

Foundation/ Concealer / BB Creams. Choose any one you like and apply a light layer and use a lil more for imperfection. For me I have my NARS Sheer Glow and my buffing brush, for me this creates the most natural coverage for me. You can use your fingers/sponges /brushes, every body has their ways!

Framing your face is important, so fill in your brows with powder/pencil/gel. I went with my powder to create softer brows. And if you have your brows done, you can skip this and you actually save more time! hahaha

Next, eyeshadow. I'm keeping this really simple and quick! I used a neutral shade to even out the eye lids and then taking a shimmering bronze lightly across my entire lid too. No brushes just your fingers and no techniques at all! Super easy.

Framing your eyes, nope no eyeliner. Just mascara, curl your lashes with you lash curler and apply your fav mascara. I'm using a lengthening one.

Cheeks, I used a pinky blush to bring that nice flush to your face. NYX Pinched is my Fav Pink Blush.

Last but not least is lips, I'm using my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul. I just feel this works pretty well with the blush and I just wan a matte lip. You can use any color I just wanted a pink hahaha.

After that you're done! I hope this wasn't too complicated to recreate and I hope all of you enjoy this and stalk me on my social media!

xoxo, see ya loves!

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