Idealite Chinese New Year Menu

Vegetarian? Kick start you new year with healthy options? Don't want flour intimation meat? Well guys step into Idealite, they offer a healthy menu and no flour taste meat. What makes them so special to me is they use mushrooms to intimate the role of meat and you can't taste the difference.

I'm lucky to be able to try it myself and tell you guys how I feel! =)
Chinese New Year Menu.

I tried the menu from Package A & the Auspicious Golden Crispy Salmon from Package B

1st of all we have the Lou Shang, I absolutely love this dish, not only we had fun tossing the food. But it's really refreshing and not to mention better that the ones with meat. I'm really honest I truly did love it! The crispy bit are made of seaweed and bean curd, which was awesome.

Smooth & Happy Appetizer! The dumpling taste really similar to real dumpling, mutton made of mushrooms and mimics the texture and taste. Scallops are made of mushroom too real scallop texture too. Not only that that Pattaya Salad is very refreshing and what a best way to start a meal with the sweet and sour salad plus a lil spicy.

Next, Nourishing Soup a mock version of the Sharkfin Soup. Very Smooth, full of flavor and customers can request for not egg version I would prefer the egg version cuz I want it eggy.

Now we have the legendary Treasure Pot A.K.A Phen Cai. I love the sauce and tofu in the dish, it's just really good and flavorsome.

Wealth and Prosperity Taro Fish, what a cute fish it really look like an authentic fried fish. This can be really filling beware. Sweet and sticky, just beautiful.

Fortune Claypot rice, if i wasn't that full since the Taro Fish I would really indulge in this. It's just a pot full of love and flavor. Mushrooms, carrot, pumpkin, bean curd & Himalayan salt (Anchovies) and capsicum. 

 Auspicious Golden Salmon, oat milk & carrot with mint sauce. It's very thick and sticky, not my personal favorite but some others enjoy it, cuz I have a love hate relationship with carrots. This is a very personal opinion.

Ideal Fo Tiao Qiang, Ginseng, Scallop, Abalone Mushroom, Sharkfin Melon, Goji Berry and Hai Sum

After a wonderful feast you need to wash down with dessert, since this was a healthy meal you don't wanna wash it down with a sweet dessert. This dessert is not only healthy and refreshing but also more saltier taste than sweet. I really do like it. They use himalayan salt too.

I really do hope all will have a visit to Idealite, Vegan friendly and a healthier option too. The workers are super friendly and polite.

Find them at 27C, Gottlieb Road, 10350 Penang. (beside Waterfall Hotel).

I wish you all a very Happy Lunar Year and wonderful days ahead!




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