Empowering The World with Venessa Diamonds

Why did I wrote empowering the world you may ask, my reason is quite deep let me explain. Dr Khoo SeokWah also known as Venessa Khoo founded Venessa diamonds, she is an empowering role model that all girls and women should look up to. Dr Khoo is a single mom who struggle a lot in this business and still been able to sustain her life and balance it like a man. Who says you need a man to complete your life right?

When asked about how is it like being in this business as a women, she replied

' It's challenging, people will look down on you. They don't know your background ( the history of her life), but they think Gems are Glamorous. The story behind it is even better'

Like how diamonds are formed, they started off as an ugly rock. But after pressure, heat and creativeness it became the most beautiful rock. That's how I see Dr. Venessa Khoo.

Venessa Khoo is not from a rich family, but how she fell in love this business and got involved is because of her ex husband. They started small with only a small stall in Prangin Mall, Penang. After the divorce he was not involve in the business anymore, but Dr. Khoo (Venessa) was determined and did not back down. She started designing her jewelry and  offer all her sales girls to learn how to design jewelry as well ( Send them to design school)

As for her Jewelry design varies from design and current demand. Let me give you an exclusive, Venessa Diamonds will be Launching a new collection inspired by Paranakan. Holy smokes, are you excited as I am? The grace and elegance of the Paranakan style into a diamond collection? Girl, it's just so classy and not to mention sexy.
They also have a series of pearls too~ OOHH

And also for the love birdies out there, love the charm bracelets? Venessa Diamonds will be launching a Valentines day Collection as well, boys remember this " DIAMONDS are a Girls Best Friend" ;)
Perfect engagement ring? Oh Yes! 

Being a single of two daughters and running this business by herself and with the help of her assistant Lawrence, she challenge herself even further by opening a new shop called "Venessa Life Codes" Which focus more on gem stones, not only she is charitable person. But also a bubbly person in life, she is very involve in a lot of charity work and also help the victim of a acid splash to gain back her image by with plastic surgery and she is also bringing that plastic surgery clinic all the way from Korea to our Gurney Paragon Mall, ooohhh I'm pretty excited. Not that I wanna get anything done but I do love the idea.

DO YOU WANT QUALITY SERVICE & QUALITY DIAMONDS? Choose Venessa Diamonds you'll never regret! =)
Look at all the beauties, which is Venessa Khoo? The one in black blazer! Young Beautiful and Empowering.
If you do want more info

Thank you Venessa Diamonds for the beautiful strand of Pearls
Thank you guys for reading I'll see ya!
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  1. woo... that must not be cheap too! haha hopefully one day i would get to buy one for my gf too!

    30 Days Money Challenge here!!

    1. Ya i guess you visited my blog a few times! =) Venesssa diamond it's a great place to get ur gf a gift!


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