Eastin Hotel Penang Valentine's Day & Chinese New Year Menu

Calling all Love Birds, thinking of where to bring you partner on Valentine's Day why not book a table at Eastin Hotel Penang. They offer different packages and a menu that will tickle your taste buds.

I was very lucky to be able to taste the menu first hand and share my experience with you, and it'll give you an insight on the Valentine's Day menu.

1st and foremost we have the appetizer, Blue Crab & Green Celery Panna Cotta Served with Baby Salad & Watermelon, Orange Salsa.

The Panna Cotta is really soft and melts instantly in your mouth and the Sauce and topping really gives your taste buds a trilling ride and it's a great way to start your meal.

 2nd, Soup.  Cream Agaricus with Truffle Oil & Milk Espuma. Fancy name I know, to simplified it for you it's actually mushroom soup with truffle oil and steam milk.

The soup is made from scratch and the Truffle Oil gives it a nice aroma and the lil mushroom bits just finish it off, it's best consume with the the bun. =)

As for the main course they have 2 choices, 1st is Oven Baked Gadus Fish (Cord Fish) with Squid Ink Sauce served with Pumpkin Puree & Vegetables. 2nd is Lamb Rack served with Vegetables, Potato Souffle & Coriander Leaf Sauce.
This is the Oven Baked Fish, Love Decor.
This is the Lamb Rack, this is the actual serving ya.

As for the 1st dish, I love the fish. Sweet flaky and cooked to perfection in my opinion. Over cooked fish is a disaster, but this one is amazing and I know the squid ink sauce is not for everyone but I personally really like it. The sides compliment it really well.
2nd we have the Lamb Rack, I was really looking forward to the lamb rack. Keep in mind to tell your waiter whether you want it well done or medium rare, mine was a slight over cooked. But the sauce was amazing who doesn't love a nice coriander sauce? The potato souffle ain't as soft as I thought and wasn't to my taste I guess.

Lastly we have the dessert ending the night with a lil sweet tenderness, Dark Chocolate Mousse with Cumble and Spice Chiller Cheese Cake served with Berry Compote.

1st for the Dark Chocolate mousse I really do like it but just too many berry seeds, but overall I love it!
2nd is the Cheese Cake with Chile in it, it gives it a great kick but too much will over power the cheese.
Love is Sweet and Soft sometimes you just need a kick to make it more romantic, that's what I learn from the Cheese Cake.

Mohd Fauzi B Illias, the Sous Chef Of Eastin Hotel Penang was recently awarded ' Most Outstanding Chef Award of 2014'. Chef Fauzi specializes in Malay, Western & Indian Cuisines and also has a passion of making pastries & fruit craving. He also won multiple awards since 2003 and the most highlighted for me was 'The 3rd Pattya City Culinary Cup 2014'. Click Here to see the blog post about it.
Chef Fauzi is holding his award along with his team!
When asked about his job, he replied
  ' I get to make people happy. Food makes people happy & no matter how big your problems are, you still need to eat. I believe that problems seem bigger on an empty stomach. Moreover, food has a way of cheering us up.'

After sweeping your partner away on a romantic dinner, felt a lil guilty not bringing your family?
Well no fret, Eastin Hotel Penang do have a CNY Menu for you and your family. You also save a lot of time preparing for reunion dinner.

First is the Lao San (Yu Shen)
I love the salmon in this dish super amazing I just love it so much!

I also tried 2 dishes from the CNY Menu, Which is the Prawn Dish and the roasted Duck.
Both Dishes are very flavorful, prawns are sweet and duck is moist. Only 2 downside, the sauce for the duck is a lil too sweet and I would prefer the skin to be a lil more crispy. Overall I really enjoy the two dishes.

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Penang, Malaysia.
Tel  +604 612 1111
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Hope you guys find the post helpful! 
Have Romantic Valentines & Prosperous New Year!

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