Drugstore Special : Casual / Day Out

This is a new series I created to show people that you don't have to break the bank to look fabulous, there are good products in the drugstore. I'm gonna share my favs with you guys.

With this look, I'm thinking light weight and less is more type of makeup look. Because it's day time and with a lot of natural lighting and Malaysia is a humid country you don't want too much to feel like your face is melting off throughout the day.

For a light weight primer base, I'm using my sunscreen/primer. This sunscreen is also perfect as a primer too.

Now to cover up flaws, this BB cream is really light weight cooling to the touch. This is really easy to apply like moisturizer and it really evens out the skin tone nicely, covers and blur imperfections without over doing it. If you wan a lil concealer is fine, but I'm gonna skip it today. I want it looking natural as possible.
Click here for the Review on the Concealer

Next, eyebrows. This is a discontinued brand in a drugstore but you can always pick up some other ones from like KATE, Revlon, Maybelline or Za. I'm just gonna fill in the sparse parts not gonna really define it, sticking to my less is more n I just wanna enhance it rather than make it perfect.

Eyeliner anyone?
I'm not gonna do my normal liner cuz it's a lil too dramatic for day and natural. I'm just gonna draw a thin line,flicking out just a lil to enhance the shape.

Mascara is really the cherry on top, I love this one. And I really love some mascaras from maybelline but all of them are empty I only have this now.

Bronzer & Blusher, these two will bring color and warm to your face. BB Creams & Foundations can wash you out a lil, a pink/peachy blush will give you color and remember less is more. Start off lil and add lil by lil until u're satisfied. 

Bronzer will give you the golden look or give you an instant nose job, shading down the jaw you hate. But remember to blend it so there's no harsh line and making you muddy that fabulous. 

Lips! I love rocking a bright lip color, This is my all time fave and my go to lipstick. If you're not that daring you can get a neutral shade a pinky nude / peachy nude. I love this as it's not expensive but is very good.

I really hope you guys enjoy this series! & there are more coming your way and CNY Looks too!
Stay tuned!

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  1. great tips! thanks for sharing! I believe it would be useful for girls! and guys too.. to buy gift for the love one! hahahhaa

    anyway.. i think i have visited your blog before! sorry didn't recognize you just now! haha

    The most elegant place in Penang!

    1. I really hope it was helpful to everyone, =)
      hahaha, no prob now we know each other! =)


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