UPDATED Skin Care Routine College Edition | 2014

Well, as a student sometimes we neglect our skin. After graduation at lot of people are finding ways to care for their skin, you can actually start with these simple steps.

First things first, cleanse you face with a cleanser and use a scrub once a week to get rid of those dead skin. Dead skin clogged pores as well, after the scrub your face feels really silky. Another plus!
The St Ives Apricot Scrub it's my fave but if you gave sensitive skin I recommend you getting a milder scrub. And for the Khiel's Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash can be a lil drying on dry skin so keep that in mind.

Next, use a toner/beauty water. This actually help your regains its pH level and moisten it, it prepares your skin for serum and moisturizers to absorb better into your skin
This Toner has a nice Chrysanthemum scent and real flower pebbles inside too, really refreshing.
PANDA EYES! I know alot of students is really trouble by it, cause by lack of sleep. Well, I used the Origins GinZing Eye Cream that has the instant brightening effect that you will love. If you really don't have time for makeup, just dap this baby underneath those shadows and BOOM! Brighten instantly, ok it may not be a drastic effect but it really does brighten up ur face.

Next is, Serum. This is Optional but I find it necessary for my large pores skin, I have really large pores and my recent discovery is the Artistry Intensive Skin Care Range, Advanced Skin Refinisher. I read about it online that it could help with minimizing pores, so I got it. So far I'm really happy with it plus it's very moisturizing by itself too.

Last but not least is Moisturizers, it keeps for skin hydrated. Oily skin babes, it doesn't mean you can skip this because of your skin condition just go for a more gel/water based moisturizer. Dry skin babes go for a more creamy based moisturizer. I have Combo Skin and I'm using the Artistry Hydrating Lotion with SPF 15 which is another plus, My skin is acting really well with this. One thing amazing about this is that A LIL REALLY DOES GO A LONG WAY! It really last you for months for even a year. I was impressed, but SPF is really important never go out with it. IF you're lazy getting a moisturizer with SPF in it will help.

These are just the few simple steps you can follow & remember what you eat affects your skin too. Drink more water & eat more Fruits & Veggies!
Exercise & Get more sleep.

NOTE: The Products I used my not be suitable for you so always know you skin type before choosing skin care products.

Ok Thats all for today's blog! I have more beauty and fashion related post lining up for you guys!
see you all in my next post! xoxo

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