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Hi guys, I was in a dilemma on what post I wanted to write & since I'm going back to college to complete my degree. I thought why not do a back to college post.
As a beauty person, obviously I need my Makeup Essentials.
These Essentials are for a Quick & Easy Type of look, if you would like to see a more made up Essentials or Makeup Tutorial I would do one for you guys!
NOTE! This are my Makeup Essentials NOT SKINCARE! So, Remember to put on skin care first no matter what. If you wear foundations remember to put on PRIMER!!!

1.Eyebrow : Eyebrows are essential to me, because I hardly have any. If you have thick dark brows girl you're so lucky and you can skip this! hahaha

2. Concealer : Well, to be honest sometimes I skip this. hahaha. Way to look natural is to look a lil less flawless. My concealers are very light weight. If you really need to cover up those bags and zits, go ahead and dab it on or get a higher coverage concealer. Review on this concealer HERE!

3.Eyeliner/Mascara : I know ain't everyone have time for eyeliner, but I feel naked without it sometimes. But now I'm ok, with just doing my brows. Want it to be quick and easy? Go for pencil liner, smudge mistakes to make it look smokey and effortless. Mascara opens up the eyes, if you have long lashes work it! I have short weak lashes so I need mascara to look like I have some. hahaha

4. Lip Tint & Lip Balm : Lip tints are long lasting and easy to apply, lip balm prevents lip from chapping. So I need them both! I have these in my bag at all times.

5. Blotting Sheets/Blotting Powder : These are pretty important to keep shine at bay. I don't recommend using Blotting Sheets, I heard from people it will only make your face oilier. A translucent powder or a light weight compact powder will do!

These are my Quick & Easy Essentials for College, please tell me what are your essentials too.
I might do another Essentials for those more made up looks, maybe for presentations or for those days you have an after class activities.

Because I'm starting college soon so my blog entry will be inconsistent for a few weeks just bare with me ok? Need time to get the hang of my timetable.

xoxo, love you all. 
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