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Hi Every One I have 3 Section to cover today, and with eye appetizing pictures. Be warn, you might be hungry after this. ;)
Let's Start from the top, first of all have you guys heard that Eastin have appointed a new GM( General Manager). Mr. Raj Kumar, born & raised in KL. Started  his career a butler and now bringing more than 25 years of hospitality experience to Eastin Hotel Penang.
Mr. Raj, Strong Leadership, Recognized for his Expertise, Self Motivated, Dependable, Strong desire to Succeed. These characteristic has help him not only improved guest & employee satisfaction but also drive hotel revenue growth, operational efficiency & achieve hotel's objective & goal.
Let's Wish Mr.Raj Kumar the best of luck in his career.

Next, FOOD! I know I kept you guys waiting, hehe.

In conjunction with the upcoming September & October Promotions, Eastin Hotel Penang is pleased to release a variety of mouthwatering International Dishes.

I'm So lucky to invited to taste few of the dishes, don't be sad I'm sharing my taste bud experience with you guys. Note that these are just a few of the many dishes.

Main Dishes :-

Sambal Squid Malay Traditional Style : I'm gonna cheat on this one, because I'm allergic to Squid. According to Amelia it was very nice and squid was not over cooked.

Wok Fried Chicken With Salted Egg Yolk: I did really enjoy this, at first I thought it was Crab egg but I was wrong. Amazing taste.

Bailing Mushroom With Green Garden : It's like stir fried vegs with a creamy sauce, vegs are not over cooked and I love it. Because I'm a greens person. ;)

Desserts My fav meal of the day

Chocolate Brownies : These are not like the Standard Brownies I have had outside, that are sometimes hard & dry. But these are moist and creamy, it just melts in your mouth filling your mouth with the sweet chocolate aroma. YUM!
Cream Brulee : Burn Sugar on top and creamy custard, sweetness in your mouth, I prefer caramel Cream Brulee. But these is not as bad, but it's just I'm used to ordering Caramel Cream Brulees.
Raspberry Chilled Cheese : Something quite unique that I have never tried before, I never liked cheese cakes, but this one is mousse and berry-ish. I like they included berries in this. Soft and light, amazing.

Signature Of the World International Cuisine are available during Lunch, Hi-Tea & Semi Buffet Dinner From 1 September 2014 - 31 October 2014
Lunch : Monday - Friday 
12 Noon - 2.30 PM
RM 50++ Adults
RM 25++ Kids

Hi-Tea : Saturday & Sunday
12 Noon - 2.30 PM
RM 58++ Adults
RM 29++ Kids

Semi Buffet Dinner : Monday - Thursday
6.30 PM -10.00 PM
RM 50++ Per Person.

September & October Credit Card Promotions
American Express, CIMB, Citibank, OCBC, Standard Charted, Mastercard Worldwide, Maybank, UOB & Guests can enjoy 15% Discount for SEMI BUFFET DINNER
For More Info & Reservations
Call Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel Penang @ +04-6121128

Wonder why the food is so good here? Well let me enlighten your mind, Pattaya Culinary Cup 2014.
What? Never heard of it? Well, you're not the only one. But if you are a chef this is something serious and exciting.
With HK, Taiwan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Czech Republic, Thailand & Malaysia as participating countries, Chef Daniel Tan Chia Yang, Chef Mohd Fauzi Bin Ilias & Chef  Vince Tan Zhi Hong From Eastin Hotel Penang and Chef Chua Lay Yen & Ch'ng Fu Wuey from the Chef Association of Malaysia.

They when through a challengers that test their creativity & team work, preparing a Buffet for 20pax, seafood based and with the ingredients the organizers provide.

All efforts did not went into waste, as the Malaysian Team was victorious and won 1st Place.

For now let's move on to some of the winning dishes.
I can tell you they are amazing!
You know the infamous Oyster Scene from Mr.Bean? Well that the first thing I thought of when they served me the Chilled Oysters with Dressing Vietnamese Style accompany with Crab Cake with Papaya Mango Served with Apple & Chili Salsa.

According to Amelia ( Because I don't take Oysters), She says the Oysters are Very Fresh.
As for the crab cake, I really did enjoy it. It was a burst flavor with the fruity sauce, Yummy.

Next is the Roasted Pumpkin Ginger with Seafood Chowder, really creamy and I did taste a lil spicy punch in the soup. Not over powering at all, and the seafood is really fresh.

For the Main Dish, Baked Fish with Spicy Pineapple Chutney & Fragrant Coconut Milk Rice.
Can I tell you the fish was heavenly? Well, the fish was fresh and not too over cooked. The Rice is so fragrant, it's hard to come by lately.

Well, that's it for the Post. I hope you guys enjoy it. & if you're free and looking for a good restaurant to eat, drop by at Eastin Penang Hotel.

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