Review Revealed : KISS Skincare Whitening Collagen Cream Mask | 2014

People say a kiss can show many things, love , care and feelings.
But what does a kiss mean to you? Turning a frog in to a prince? Or Waking up as snow white?
What if I tell you this KISS will wake you up to a beautiful skin day?
Today I will be reviewing the Whitening Collagen Cream Mask.
Yes CREAM mask. It's Just a KISS Away.

This is an overnight mask that is Highly Concentrated, that Restores Radiance, Clarity & Suppleness.
It's Formulated with Collagen Extract, Alpha Arbutin, Vitamin C + & Natural Extracts.
All Natural Ingredients Safe to use.

Here's my thoughts on this product and more info will be listed below

- Smells a lil like men's product, it smells a lil like the hair cream my dad use. Not too strong thou.
- Thick Cream, I thought it was gonna be a light cream like the Laneige one's but oh how wrong I am
- One pump is enough for my entire face.
- Skin feels really supple
- Moisturize the Skin
- The Product skin is quite fast with first use.
- Feels a lil heavy.

After I wash it off my face the next morning
- My face feels supple no tightness and dry
- Pores look smaller
- Face is brighter, my mum notice the difference.

I have Dry to Combination, sensitive skin. And it works on my skin. =)
In A whole this is a Amazing Product.

In a whole the Mask claims to help diminishes appearance of pores, natural nourishment, exfoliates & addresses impurities.

The Pictures shows you the extra info.

If you wanna get KISS by it, you can contact
Wendy Tan @
WeChat : tanwendy_8
Email :

Each one of these can last you for at least 2 Months if you use it twice a week.
It's Only RM140 including postage, meaning it's RM 8.75 per usage. It's a bargain, if you can spend 10 on ONE Sheet Mask this is so much worth it and it really works.

Disclaimer : This Product was sent to me and ALL Opinions are my own, I wasn't Paid to say all this, But I truly like the product. That is why I'm recommending it to you pretties.

With lots of love and I'll see you guys in my next post! xoxo

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