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It that time of the year again!(Thinking Feminine Issues?)  What?! Not that!! It's time for family time again, children's put down the Smart Devices and light up some lanterns and light up the night. Family sit around under the moonlight, enjoy tea, company and MONNCAKE! Yes my dearies, the MID AUTUMN FESTIVAL is around the corner. In conjunction with the Festivity Gurney Paragon has Organized a MoonCake Fair! WHAT? A Mooncake fair where you can pick up MOONCAKES to enjoy on a festive night or present as a gift.

I was really  lucky to be invited to taste some of the brands from the MoonCake Fair, ranging from KUM LUN TAI , CASAHANA, THE BAKER'S COTTAGE, LEONG YIN, FOH SAN, FAI FONG, PURPLE CANE, CANTON-i, HK MEI - XIN & many more.

The Venue of the Fair is Located
@ ST. Jo's, Level 1 & Penang on 6, Level 6
Starting from
16 August 2014 ~ 8 September 2014

Here are my brief thoughts on the mooncakes, Lets START!

Canton - i

HK Light Lotus Paste W Single Egg Yolk ( Less Sugar) - This is really good & it's really suitable for people who doesn't like something too sweet, I really enjoy this.
Organic Charcoal Skin W Coffee Paste - The Coffee Taste ain't too strong, very settle, texture is good not too sticky.
Snow Skin Musang Skin Durian - Bitter Durian Mooncake, I don't take durian but I Smell the difference
Snow Skin D24 Durian - I'm kinda ok with this one as its sweet and not too heavy.

Purple Cane

White Tea Purple Potato Lotus Paste - The Lotus Paste was blended with White tea, it's a lil less mainstream and it's not too sweet nor bitter great taste for older generations. The Skin is made out from Purple Potato.
Green Tea Skin White Lotus Paste - Ok, I might be a lil bias on this because I love Green tea. It may not be as bitter as normal green tea but the taste of green tea with it's unique texture of the paste. If you love green tea you may love this too! ;)
Puer Tea, Dang Gui, Chinese Wolfberry, assorted nut paste Mooncake - That was a mouth full! Anyways, this wasn't my slice of mooncake. If you like herbal taste and nutty texture, this is definitely worth checking out!

Leong Yin

Intense Wheatgrass Jujube Splender - mild wheatgrass taste, sweet too.
Ballad of The Moon - Custard Filling & the Middle is Custard mix with egg yolk, Milky taste & taste similar to Butter Scotch too.
Lunar Delight - 'Dodol' Like Texture, not the super sticky type don't get me wrong. Very Strong Coffee taste, they used coffee powder, this is what I call Bitter Sweet.

Foh San

Cappuccino Mooncake - Very mild cappuccino taste, my taste buds weren't impressed.
White Lotus Paste W Yolk - I don't know if it's me or this taste a lil like yam? But I really enjoy this.

HK Mei-Xin

Egg Custard Mooncake - Mini Mooncakes, milky taste. Children will love this and those who have a thing for butterscotch and milk.

Kum Lum Tai

Shanghai 1 Yolk - Flaky Skin with Soft lotus paste, this is great if you're looking into something different and it taste good too.

Baker's Cottage

Avocado Mango Tango - Coconut Butter Pastry Skin, Avocado Lotus Paste with Mango Filling. tasteful journey.


Crimson Opera - The Cheese and White Chocolate Feeling is really unique, love cheese try this!

There will also be some activities organised by Gurney Paragon.

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See you guys in my next post, xoxo! 


  1. I can see some special mooncakes this year such as durian/coffee, green tea, and custard mooncakes. Definitely worth trying. Thanks for sharing.

    Best regards,

  2. I must agree, the most exotic one I see this year is the all herbal ones.
    Thank you for reading. :)

  3. wow syok! get invited to taste all the mooncake! =D

    1. Thank you for reading, and yes was an amazing experience.


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