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Hey guys, sorry I missed my July Favs. I actually wanted to combine my July & August Favs together as there are almost the same, my fave for this past 2 months have been consistent.
I hope you guys don't mind.

This are the first few things I've been loving the past 2 months
- Aqua Proof Marker Tint by The Face Shop (Review Up soon)
- Four a Divergent Collection by Veronica Roth : An amazing read into Four's mind
- Sephora Nail Polish in L07 Satin Corset : My perfect nude.

Here's how the nail polish look on me.

-Sleek Makeup Blush By 3 in Sugar : The Orange Shade is my current obsession, its the only 1 I wear daily
- Collection Eye Shadow Trio in Choc Chip (REVIEW & IN ACTION)
Click REVIEW for blog Review
Click IN ACTION to see how I use this trio, Video.

This is my current Fav
- Pure Beauty Cleansing Makeup Wipes ( REVIEW)

In July this 2 are my most wore Nail Polish
- The Face Shop Nail Polish in GR501 & OR206

My Current Hair Accessory
- Feather Hair Clip From DIVA
I can't tell u how much I love it and how many times I wore it. 

My Fashion Piece Fav are KIMONOS!!!!
My Kimono is from H&M!
I'm in LOVE! 
I Wore this too many times, even my friends are bored of it.
It's sort of my comfort piece! 

See How obsess I was? 
No matter what I will always go to my Kimono.
Here are all my JULY & AUGUST Favs!
Hope you guys enjoy the post, see you guys in my next post.
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xoxo Stay tune to my next post! 


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