Review Revealed : Collection Work The Color Trio | 2014

Collection is relatively new in the Malaysian market, it took over the Rimmel. Which was an amazing brand by itself, when Rimmel start to come out with more amazing products they decided to discontinue it and replace it with Collection. Sadness.

But Collection ain't half bad, today I'll be covering the amazing-ness of the eyeshadows.

I brought The Collection Work The Color Trio in Choc Chip.
It comes with a dark brown, medium brown and a shimmery cream base/highlight.

The pencil above will have it's own personal review soon, this is a lil teaser.

I swatch the colors in the store and I was blown away by the pigmentation, from the packaging the shadows looks abit ordinary and I decided to put packaging aside n try this out.

I'm not an eye shadow person but this trio change my life.

-blend really well
- no fall outs

- The Cream shadow can be a lil chalky as a highlight

As a drugstore eye shadow you can't complain too much and the quality is way better, these are not as shimmery and gives you a nice satin finish.

I've wearing the medium brown shade over my lid every time I'm wearing makeup.
So I guess this must be a new favorite.

Today I used the darker shade at the outter corner and it still looks natural. 


That's all for today & I'll u pretties in my next post. xoxo

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