July Weekend Buffet by ZEST Bar Cafe @ GLOW by Zinc | 2014

The July weekend buffet is canceled until further notice. The management is very sorry for the inconveniences caused. 

Are YOU looking for a buffet at a nice place? Well, GLOW by Zinc has a great deal for you. With only RM 45 + for adults and RM 25.50 for children.
Great Value for money and a nice setting to relax in. The Design is beautiful.

Here is the official Pamphlet

101, Jalan Macalister, 11400 Penang, Malaysia
5.416638, 100.322952 (GPS Coordinations)
7pm ~ 10pm
Friday, Satuday & Sunday
4th July ~ 27th July

The pictures below are the setting of the cafe, the cafe is located on the second floor of the hotel. Beautiful setting and environment simple and artsy, not too over the top though. 

Here are the drinks and dessert table.

Salad Bar and Main Course Area.

Those art works are a lil creepy and inspiring at the same time. Can't get my eyes off them.

Dessert bar look pretty colorful

The Menu for the buffet is going to change daily so please take that into account the food I showed may or may not be on the menu of your visit. Let's get digging! 

This is the Peanut Sauce Gado- Gado, the sauce is amazing! 

This is the Kerabu Manga Muda .

This are the assorted fresh salads, Lola Rossa, Romaine, Butter Lettuce, Local Lettuce Julienne Carrot, Onion Ring, & Cucumber. 

 On top is the Ayam kerabu and the bottom is Kurma

Salted Egg to was served.

This is the Acar.

And another Acar.

The Local Dips for the Ulam- Ulam, Sambal Belacan, Cencalok, & Budu

 These are the Assorted Ulam

Yummy Salted Fishes, that can be a bit creepy looking up close. 
There are also some assorted Jeruk.

Fish Crackers,& Veggie Crackers(Papadom)

This the Dhal, Veggie based. Obviously!  

Grilled Lamb Chop with Percik Sauce. 
Prawn with Coconut milk and Bird Chili

Top Left is Grilled Dory Fish with cheese and rosemary dressing, bottom left, its Ayam Masak Merah
Top right, Beef Rendang, middle right is Squid with Tumeric & Onion. Bottom right is Tomato Rice.
Now we have some soup and dessert. The Red Soup is Tom Yam (Chicken)
The White one is Bubur Cha Cha
And on the right hand side are some cakes that are NOT INCLUDED in the Buffet but looks amazing each only Cost RM8.

Here are some of the dessert & Kuih.
Here we have some Nyonya Kuihs. 
Kuih Lapis

Watermelon and Honey Dew

Some Puddings

And more assorted local Kuihs.

This is what I ate, some international salad, with 3 different dressing, some kerabu and acar. 

Main Course, The Dory fish looks amazing, but not to my preferred taste. The Dhal, I'm quite particular about Dhal because I love me some Indian Dhal but not to my taste buds. The Squid was not to my liking but tasty sauce.  
The Best is the BEEF RENDANG, I went back for a second serving. :) 
Crackers, Ulam and Salted fish. Be WARN do not eat the salted fish by it self big mistake for me.. Uber Salty, my fault actually. Go on! Laugh at me! 
Anyway the crack aren't are fresh as I Normally prefered it, personal problems.
The Ulam and Dips was ok, not too spicy or sour.

Opppsss, I almost forget the drinks served are Sirap Badung which was not my choice because I never did like bandung in reality hahahaha and the yummy Kurma Juice.

Here is the Gado-Gado. The peanut sauce like I mention is Amaze-Beans. 

Here's my last take. the Ayam Masak Merah was amaze-beans.
The Tomato rice was good.
The freshness of some of the food are not to my liking.

The food that I enjoy the most is the tasty Beef Rendang and Ayam Masak Merah! AMAZE-beans~
They did an awesome job on that.
BTW the staffs are really friendly and helpful, how can you find such friendly and smiley staff ?

I believed they will have better improved dishes on your visit.
But's a great deal to sit at such a nice place n enjoy some food.

Website: here
Call them @ 604-2260084 to make reservations or inquiry.

Thank you for reading, see you next time.
Love you.
Instagram and Twitter @EileenWrighton

See you all very soon! xoxo


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