Mascara Madness : Maybelline Lashionista

I recently purchase the Maybelline Lashionista Mascara, which I have already put to the test and here's my final thought.
First of all I brought this because it claims to give u longer lashes and hold the curl throughout the day, man I have hard to curl lashes and they don't stay curl all day. 
So lets see how well it works 
This is the packaging, I brought the new master drama liner too, I'm still putting it to the test so u can expect a review soon. 
Yes the colour of the packaging is hot pink! Not a big fan. Hahah 
This is the brush, medium size not too big like the maybelline rocket mascara. 
As u can see there is lil micro fibers that helps lengthens the lashes. 
Oh it also say it washes off with warm water and doesn't smudge or flake. 
Here's a before n after shot of the mascara on me. In pictures u can see lil difference but in reality I have nvr seen my lashes this long before, I love the results. 

And yes it does hold a curl pretty well, I tried wearing this for a long day n on my flight to Thailand n when I reach my hotel after 10hours it was still curl up. Amazing. No flaking or smudging. 

Smudge proof
Holds a curl
Easy to remove (personally I feel like its resistant to oil so I remove it by closing my eyes during shower n slowly wiping the mascara off n this is the best way to remove it.
Girls with oily eyelids will love this.

Not waterproof as it removes with water. Hahahaha 
The pink packaging (I know this is not a con for everyone but for me it is.) Hahahaha 

Conclusion is I love this mascara, I don't mind removing it with water while showering. Because I always take a bath after I take off my makeup. 
I'm definitely gonna repurchase, if ure looking for a volumizing mascara this is not the one. But it does an amazing job at lengthening. 

I've been using it to the death, it's my everyday go to mascara. 

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