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If u follow me on twitter you would have known I've been to Thailand for 4 days for the Asian Weightlifting Championship, if u haven't already follow me it's @eileenwrighton 

And this is my first international trip so I'm gonna be packing for an international flight. 
I find this kind of blog post really helpful, before I flew to Bangkok. I did a lot of research on what to bring n what I need to depot, and liquid limitation rules I need to remember. 
So I decided to share with you guys what I brought n how I pack them, and I truly hope this will help any of u. 

First of all I prepared zip lock bags for all my liquid products, I don't know how true u need to put them in that kind of bags. As my friend did even put her liquid products in clear zip lock bags n they still let the baggage pass, but better b safe than sorry. 
I put all my liquid products in zip locks like this, prevention of exploding I think. 

I depoted my fav liquid foundation for night event and I brought sample sizes of BB Creams for everyday. I depoted my facial wash as well. I'm a sample hoarder so I literally have many samples of moisturizers n BB creams. 
I depoted my shower gels , shampoo and conditioner into reusable containers. Depoted my perfume into these handy perfume holders. Got them at diaso for RM5 each, but beware to check them some do leak. Another tips is to depot ur creams or deep cleansing washes into contact lens cases as it really keeps the liquids in place. 

For makeup these are what I brought, very standard n simple. Powder, bronzer blush and highlight 3 in 1 palette very handy and travel friendly. And a matte deep blush for night. :)
One mascara , eyelash curler, gel liner, I did bring a liquid too but it's in the top pictures hahah and my eyebrow pencil.
Makeup wipes, cotton swabs and cotton pads and a pair of lashes
Primer, hair oil, lash glue, eye cream, moisturizer, serum and scrub
Depoted face wash and foundation 
Brushes and universal adapter 

I hope this will help you guys and I brought some stuff as well from the airport, do tell me if you a review on any of them. 

Till next time and I'm sorry for not posting as often, but I'm getting my bum back into it now. 

Love u all.

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