Valentines Gift Guide for him & her

Hi guys Valentines is around the corner and are u still figuring out what to get for ur other half?
Well, I have some tips for you guys. It's simple and yet easy, but it's the thought that counts isn't it? Unless you already prepared a romantic night and wonderful present, then he or she is very lucky.

This Gift Guide will be very helpful to those who are in a long distance relationship or both of you are so busy that you don't have time to buy a gift or even thought of celebrating it with so many couples in a restaurant. Not to mention the traffic on Valentines day.

Well, lets get into it.
1st Make Them a Card.
Yes a Valentine's Card. Hand Written, not store brought. It will show you sincerity and effort, be creative and write a message that you are dying to tell him/her. You can make the card out of a folder / a picture frame.
Fold it this way and stick the pics and write ur msg down below it. 

Another special gift is to print out some pictures of both of you from the day you met to today, and and stick them accordingly. and write a special message on each one. "Day by Day we Grew Together, and I still love you every step of the Day" It's cheeky and cute.

2nd Get Them a Personalized Box of Chocolates.
It's traditional, yes but it still works. You can either get a small bag and stuff it any candies or sweets they might like.
You can get this here, @Chocolate Passion Paragon, Straits Quay and Auto City

But going to a shop that sells individual chocolates and picking each one for them it's just so thoughtful, and to amp it up cut out strips of paper and write anything you want on it.
For Example, you choose chocolate mint on the strip of paper you can write " On the outside it's just an ordinary chocolate, like me an ordinary guy/girl. But what completes me it's the mint on the inside like the love I have for you from my heart" Cheesy but u gotta make them smile before they take a bite. ;P

3rd Personalized a Voucher they can redeem from you.

All you need is colorful paper notes and pens. If you wanna make it look prettier you can get creative with stickers or textured papers.
Write on things like 'Take me out for Dinner, And I get to Choose the place' , " Don't be Mad at me, I'm Sorry" , "Cuddle you while You Work" , "Help me with my House Chores"
Write things that you normally Always say no to him/her and try to make time for them to show you care.
It's a sweet and a romantic Idea.

4th Send them a bouquet of flowers/Chocolate Bouquet to their home/ office.

This works best for long distance relationship couples, contact a local florist near her place and customized a bouquet and give them the address of her office and send it to her. N all her colleagues will be so jelly of her, she'll love the attention. This will make her feel love, even thou you're far you still remember her. And you can get him a shirt/ wallet / perfume and send it to his house. Make sure he gets it before valentines. ;)

5th Record a Video
"You Capture My Heart" Why not capture you love and send it to them?

Don't get any funny ideas, just sit down and start talking. Tell her/him how you miss them and how much you love them. And bring ur camera along to shops that sells valentines day good make a picture or a video showing him/her saying if u were here this what I will get you and make a joke out of cheesy valentines day gifts. This will definitely put a smile on their face.

Sadly, I don't have anyone to give it to. So there isn't a picture of me making it. But, if I did have someone to give those are of the things I would give. =)

I'll see u guys in my Next post. I might be doing smtg a lil different. ;) xoxo

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