My 20th Quiet Celebration.

Hey guys this may not me a beauty/fashion post but I would wanna share a lil of my life with you guys, it was my birthday yesterday. So I had a lil pampering session in the morning thru out the afternoon, because my parents is bringing me to some place nice for dinner.

If you want to know what's my pampering routine comment below telling me.

We're going to ben's @ Gurney Paragon, so I decided to dress up a lil for my birthday. :) 
This is what I wore, and I pair it with my comfy white loafer flat from Larrie
Top, H&M 
Pencil Skirt, dressing Paula 
And I carrying my white handle bag from Guess. 

As for my makeup, my eyes were my main concern. So this is a lil close up.
A very simple but a lil drama, that what I love. Do comment below if u wan a tutorial on this look.

And here are some pictures that I took while me n my parents were in ben's 
Comfy seats!!!!!! I wanted to show u the delicious cake display but I was too comfy too move, #sorryimnotsorry
Appetizer! House salad! Amazingly yummy and BIG! That's why the wifi password is call THINKBIG 
It has nuts in it, if u are allergic u can ask them not to add it in. But it's heavenly, my parents n I shared this big boy. 
See how big is it? Oh hey dad. Hahah 
This is what I ordered. I have wanted to try a quiche for so long and finally I got to. It was ok. It just taste like egg fried with beef bacon and wrapped it pie crust. This is the quiche Lorraine, and I ordered this amazing drink its berry and parsley sparkling I think. It's taste so awesome! 
Mum ordered salmon n teriyaki sauce, it was good as well. Mum dug in before I could take the serving picture. Haha 

Dad ordered fish n chips and was disappointed with it. The fish was super oily and I would not recommend it at all! N it's the same price as the salmon my mum ordered.

Here comes dessert 

If u haven't notice already I have a lil something with berries. It was a berryful dessert. My enjoy the ice cream berry parfait more than the merengue cream berry. But I love both of them! 
This dinner was the most enjoyable one I had despite the price of the food n the horrible fish n chips, it was an amazing filling dinner.

Having much fun eh? 
Got myself a pair of luxurious sunglasses, 80% of it was paid using my birthday money I got from my parents n the rest I paid for myself. Does it look good?.

Parents actually forget to buy me n cake n sing it to me. So we ended up buying it after dinner n eat it at home.

Till next time my loves, xoxo.
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