Chinese New Year Casual Day

Hi, I'm back with another tutorial. This look is so simple and so easy to recreate, this a great way to look pretty natural and prim up for New Years morning.
Now, lets start with base, apply a light BB cream or a light weight foundation to ur whole face. You can conceal more if you happen to have hormonal zits popping out. Conceal like a pro, don't squeeze it! 
After that let's get out the NYX Smokey Palette! So pretty!
How to create a simple look? Prep ur eyes with the NYX Jumbo eyeshadow stick in Cashmere and apply the light brown all over ur lids not exceeding the crease line, if u have monolid. Create a half moon shape. Tat will give you an illusion of a crease. 
Next take the studio liner and draw 3 dotted lines, this will help you trace ur eyeliner. And them just connect the lines. This is a simple n easy natural liner look. 
After that, take a peachy pink blush and dust it on the apples of ur cheeks and blend up to the temple. 
Make sure ur lips is exfoliated and moisturizer, then apply the lip cream or any other pink/peach lip colors on ur lips. Next, curl ur eyelashes and apply mascara. Avoid lashes, because you don't want drama you want a natural look. 
This the finished look, let's just say you wanna amp it up a lil. 
Grab a simmer eyeshadow or the NYX Roll on Glitter shadow in Walnut and apply it at the inner part of the eyes and blend with your finger. 
This roll on shimmer is slightly tinted and you can wear it on its own too. It just add a lil sparkle with out over powering much. :) still pretty natural.
From that to that.:) simple natural look for a simple and fun day out. 
Just remember to be safe and rock on! 

All products used are from the NYX Mortal Instruments Set. Except the roll on shimmer. 
Brushes are from Real techniques and eyelash curler is from shu uemura.
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See you guys in my next tutorial, xoxo. ;) 


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