SWATCHES & REVIEW: NYX Mortal Instruments Makeup Set

I would just say this set is incredible! Why? Because not only the packaging and products are awesome, but the whole edition is based on the movie "Mortal Instruments The City of Bones" gives it that much more omph!

Let's start off with how beautiful and well structured the set is!
The box is not flimsy or low quality but a good quality hard box. My nail Polish collection lives in it now. hahah! =)

The one you all been waiting of is the contents!

This what you get in the set! A great value.

Now lets start withe swatches and review.

Ok, so let's start with the very top. Which is the eyeliner, the packaging does not state this is a water proof liquid liner and it removes easily with a wet wipe. This is a smudge proof liner, BUT U GOTTA LET IT DRY! I tried rubbing it away after it sets, it does not budge! So good quality there! FYI, it doesn't stain the skin too after removal. 

Next moving on to the second level, which is the blush in Pinched. If you watch MissGlamorazzi (Ingrid) You'll know this is her all time fav blush, it was raved so much on youtube by the beauty gurus there. It's a very well pigmented blush and it's suitable for all skin types. It's a rosey medium tone blush that's why it's suitable for all skin tone (PS, the picture is not doing the blush any justice. You are welcome to go searched for better swatches online. My lighting is horrible.

Now the third level is the NYX Jumbo Eye pencil in  Cashmere, its a champagne gold color that it great on it's own and as a base. Very creamy and blendable! I'm honestly loving this pencil, it's comparable to the maybelline color tattoo in Bold Gold, but you dont have to put ur finger in the pot. You just draw on ur lids n blend with ur ring finger! =)

Now the Lip Gloss, Seriously with tat pigmentation and color pay off, this I will call it a liquid lipstick. This is call the Soft Matte Lip Cream in the Shade SMLC06 Istanbul. It's super creamy and dries to a matte texture. Even it is matte it does not sinked into fine lines, OMG I hate tat about lipsticks. But This is so awesome! I love it so much.  The Color is very similar to the blush, on darker skin tone this will look like a nude baby pink. A sweet and innocent look to the lips for darker skin tone.BTW, it has the sweet caramel scent, so don't eat them! haha. 
Now the Swatches for the eyeshadows, let's from right to left and start with the top right.
Let me just throw it out there first of this shadow are really pigmented. So I'm just gonna tell u the finish of it.
The White Shadow is a satin finish 
The bronze Shadow is a satin finish 
The deep blue is also a satin finish
The deep purple which does not look purple in my picture is a satin as well. :p 
Now from the bottom right
The Black is a Matte Finish
and the other black is a Shimmer finish.
This set comes with a sponge applicator but it is a very dense sponge. Rather than the sponges that come in the drugstore quads. 

My last thought is
This set is a great starter set for a beginner, it has eyeshadows tat can bring you from day to night. 
The whole set has products that are really good quality, in my opinion it is a awesome set overall I would give it  4/5 stars. Where does the last star goes? You can't get the same set again as it is limited edition, but you can get them individually.

Don't fret! Even thou it is limited edition, I brought a few sets to sell to you guys. So some of you can get the same set and love it too. Click here, and you'll b directed to my page. like it and inbox me for more details. International shipping will be available upon request! 
Not a sponsored post! All opinions are my own! =)

Hope you guys enjoy this post and wish you all a Wonderful 2014 and thank you so much for supporting me .
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  1. nyx is one of my favorite make up brand , their color shades for this looks good (:

    1. The pigmentation of the shadows are amazing, I'm not really a fan of the mascara. And I do agree NYX is an amazing product affordable too, :)


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