So, I actually brought two different colors of these lippies.
I'm gonna keep this short n simple, FYI all opinions are my own and all my thoughts are genuine. 

Lets start off with the CLIO Lipincure, personally this is the 1st time I have even tried any CLIO products its actually a Korean brand. And it claims to last 24hours and will not budge and even WATERPROOF. 
And the applicator was design for easier application, And kiss/smudge proof. 
I got mine in Tender Red
That's what it claimed to be so let's see the pros and cons.

Very pigmented
Kiss and smudge proof! 
Won't fade after a meal
Has a floral scent( doesn't last long on the lips, the scent I mean) 
Cute packaging and easy to travel with 
Ultra lasting on the lips! 

It sets in really fast, a small mistake will ruined it. 
Drying on the lips.
It makes ur lips feel tight n dry.
It's stickier than normal glosses even after it sets in.
Does not look good on dry lips. Moisturize first.
Settles into lip lines a lil.
Brush is not easy to control if u have small lips.
Look how fast it sets and if u make mistakes it's hard to clean up. 

It does dry matte and has crazy pigmentation. I would not wear this everyday but if I have a night event n I don't want to touch up every time after I eat I will pop this baby on. The stickiness can b avoided with a clear gloss on top. But u have to be careful as it sets really fast. And its a pain in the butt to take off too. Just saying. 

6/10 because the stickiness is really annoying me. Hahahaha 

Next lets step into Maybelline, they have recently came out with the Lip Polishes that is suppose to moisturize like a lip balm, pigmentation of a real lipstick and glossiness of a gloss. Woah, that's a mouth full. I got mine in Glam 3 a peachy pink shade it leans more towards the peach orange side n I love it. 
A very soft applicator 
Not too sticky
Very glossy 
Last longer than my other glosses
Easy to apply.

Has a tingling feeling once its on( maybe I'm not used to it)
Doesn't really have a pigmentation of a lipstick. 
Two layers will give ur the beauty of the pigmentation. Do not smear even with 3 coats. 

I'll give this a 8/10 , as it didn't have a pigmentation as a lipstick as it claims. 

Here are some swatches 
This is after wiping it away with a tissue, this maybelline does stain a lil I don't mind but the red did not budge an inch. 

I really hope u guys find this review helpful and tell what is ur fav lippies? I would love to try more. 

I'll see u guys in my Next post. I might be doing smtg a lil different. ;) xoxo

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  1. I like the colour of Maybelline lip polish! This is a good review, gonna buy one to try!

  2. Thank you Kharm yee, please do let me know how it worked on u. ;)


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