Breakfast. Shopping. Hang Out. Dessert

It's been such a long time since I met up with teoh ee, since its her sem break we went out on a date. Hehehe. 
Hello, teoh teoh I know you're reading this. hehehehe. 
So she picked me up, first time experiencing her driving skill. Somebody pro dy, oooooo...
Hahaha any ways she brought me to this English vintage style place for breakfast. It's call BiBis, located near gurney paragon. I think it has a breakfast at Tiffany's concept going on. As I can see a lot of Audrey Hepburn's decor and its Audrey in her breakfast at Tiffany's look. 
See what I mean? N yup that's my friend taking pictures for her blog. Hehe.. :) 
This is what I call breakfast at Tiffany's or breakfast at Bibis. ;)
Here's what I ordered, a lil too salty thou. It's the salmon that was salty, me n teoh teoh both thought so. 
I ordered baguette with salmon n we both settle on a pot of wild Berries tea, which is one of my fav n teoh2 likes it too. 
Next we went shopping n taking pictures in the toilet, lol. Hahahaha not us peeing but looking fab as ever. Hehe 
Somebody got some clothes from primark, it was a cute lil store with amazing clothes. I didn't buy any cause I already finish my Chinese New Year shopping. :( 
Both of us got a lil hungry so at the end of the corridor, there was a small sliding door that lead us to a relaxing chocolate themed cafe that's was amazingly situated n serves many chocolate base food tat hooked us in. 
We ordered the signature best selling chocolate bomb! And a pot of lavender earl grey tea. The combination is heavenly. 
The chocolate bomb is a dark chocolate shell, it comes with a hot milk chocolate to pour on top. With a sweet vanilla ice cream on the inside of the bombshell, to top it off the fresh kiwi n strawberry was so heavenly with the chocolate n the cookie crumble added the crunch to the munch. Words can't describe it you only can try it to know it. 
A great place to relax n enjoy some delicious chocolate, the music is soothing n the view is amazing. 
Here's what the chocolate bomb looks like. Isn't it amazing? 
We end our day with these picture, I hope we can see each other soon and hang out again.

That's all for today my lovely pretties, I'll seen you on my next post. Which will b another tutorial! ;) 
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See you guys in my next tutorial, xoxo. ;) 


  1. HAHA...Teoh2 is my new nickname? Btw, my blog is my dear :P


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