My Essentials While Working in An Event + UPDATE!

Well hello it's been TOO long since I blogged. Sorry, if you read my previous blog you know why and if you follow me on twitter and like my fb page you'll know even more. hahah Anyways, I have been really busy with the Commonwealth weightlifting championship I shared a link on my fb page for you guys to watch live but I guess some of you didn't cause it's not beauty related n you might find it boring. I find it exciting. XD
Well, enough rambling. Let me list down my essentials.
The most important thing is that you have to be prepared for times that you don't any chance to touch up your makeup simple and foul proof ways and product are the best.
This is how tired I looked.

My everyday look consists of 
-Brow Pencil
-Oil Blotting Sheets
I looked like I have highlighted and and contour but trust me it's just the light in the mini ballroom.
I'm serious, I did not use concealer after the 1st 3 days. Cause I developed dark circles cause of lack of sleep.

I did only touched up my makeup a lil during the opening ceremony and to be honest I wasn't present in the opening. There were delegates coming in and I need to get them their rooms and stuff.

Busy. Busy. Busy....
Mr.Paul one the most amazing coaches I have ever met!

Picture quality is bad, but i really did have false lashes on. They are half sets looks more natural.

Well during the closing I did have time to get made up, so I did my eyeliner how I always do and line my water line. Let me just list down what I used. 
-Powder foundation
-Brow Pencil
-Gel Liner
-False Lashes
-Balm Stain.
Yup, I have some time to do my makeup.

I over packed and I only ended up using half of what I brought.
Girls always think before you packed, sometimes things might be complicated than you think.

Stay tuned, there are more tutorials and post to come! I swear!! =)

Loves!! And remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you are the beholder! =))

P/s love you guys and see ya in my next post, xoxo.
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