REVIEW: fresh ROSE hydrating Gel Cream

Well, I have used up all my moisturizers and decided to try out a new one, so me and my mum visited Sephora in Penang. The sales lady was recommending this product to me, personally I trust my own opinion and I don't like people pressing on me to buy products while I'm thinking. She was making me really nervous and I can't think. She said this would be good for my oily skin, but I decided to believe her and yeah I should have went with my own opinion.

Let's just get back to the product, it has a hint of fresh rose petal scent. Which I find annoying at first but after using it was pretty relaxing to smell it. When I first started using this, my skin had a hard time absorbing the product. After using for the first week my skin finally gave in and started absorbing the product, just after applying my hand and face felt a lil sticky and within an hour my T-zone started to oiled up. =(
I tried so hard to love this product, but failed. No worries I will use it up before starting on a new one. Unless I'm trying a new skin care my mum brought for me. Because sometimes the skincare my mum buy comes with samples and most of the time I get them all! =) Yeah!
But anyways it says to have a cooling effect after application but I don't feel it and it says to keep my skin moisturize the whole day and protect from pollution. All I see on my face it oil. =(

Sum it all up
1.Is it a good product? Who would you recommend to?
Yes it is a good product but not for me, Skincare really depends on how your skin reacts to the product and what condition is your skin and the type of skin you have. I would recommend this product for gals with dry and patchy skin, cause it doesn't do any good for my oily skin.

2. Worth it?
Well depending on your preference as well, I think there are much more better products out there in the drugstore and luxury brands carry them. I would again say it's totally up to you.

3. Sun Protection?
No, It does not say it contains SPF so I guess not sun protection then.

4. How do you let it absorb better?
The product absorbed and applied better after I have scrub my face, I used my St Ives Apricot Scrub and after that the product sink into my skin better and smoother.

5. Suitable for?
Normal to dry skin.

GO test it out for yourself at the Sephora near you, as far as I know fresh is only carried in Sephora.
Any questions? Please leave it in the comments and I will replied as soon as possible.

 P/S Love u all and see ya.
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