October Favorites.

Hello Pretties, Happy Halloween! Well I did not do any Halloween related post, sorry cause I don't celebrate plus there were so many people doing it.
Ok I've been loving quite a bit of things this month but I added a lil gadget this month. hehe Stay tuned!

Lets start with the most random product which is Nail Polish remover.

I've been loving the one by CUTEX, I used the regular version because the strong one is too strong for my nails and it dries them up.
This has a light sweet lemon scent, apart from smelling like alcohol. Well I do not know how many of you care about removers containing Acetone, this contains acetone. I love it so much it's because it removes my polishes fast and even hard to remove glitter polishes.

While we're in the nail department, let's talk about my new found love!

 Which I did a full review on it here.
Which are the Splash Nail Polish From SaSa. My boyfriend pick up some nail polishes for me and these two are one of the many, and they were the most loved among all my other nail polishes.  
Not gonna talk more on it as I did a full review on it already. And the black polish is crazy pigmented with just one coat!

Now moving on to skin, this may comes as a surprise because I did a review on it saying how much I didn't like it.

But I did say it's more suitable for drier skin, and recently my skin is drier and sensitive rather than oily to combination. This is due to my sunburns and a side effect of a skincare I was trying, I did not review that product because it made my skin gross. It is the fresh Rose Hydrating Gel Cream. This really help me with my dry and sensitive skin and calms the redness.

Another skin care love is my Biore UV SPF 50+ Sunscreen, I initially brought this because I have oily skin and this gives me a powdery finish.

 But on my recently dry and sensitive skin it blends easier and became park or my skin. Love how light weight it is. It's not the thick cream consistency but a watery consistency.

Last but not least for beauty is my nose strip from Diaso, they are the Mama's of nose strip that I have ever use! They hurt a lil when u take then off but holy guacamole they strip out all my blackheads! Here is my full review on it.  

Opps! Not last there is one more. =p

 A Makeup Palette that I have been loving for everyday, if u wanna see them in action you can go to my Glamorous Hollywood makeup tutorial. This is the Meet Matt(e) Palette by The Balm . Amazing love it! I got it from SaSa, for a full review click here

Lastly For my bonus favorite of the month is my YES Huddle, if you don't know what the heck is a YES Huddle. It is actually a portable internet (Wi-Fi), And YES is a service provider,It's a 4G internet service and this enable to stay connected to my Facebook instagram and twitter. Love this Baby! If you wanna find out more about YES go to the website that I'll Link here. BTW, Not affiliated in any way!  

Hope you guys enjoy my October Favs and see you guys on my next post.

Ok Lets chill for a moment.

Yes you guys stay a chance to win a RM30 Starbucks Card and if you register your card online You get a free drink. So its RM30+ 1 Free Drink.
Come on what a great deal right? Why I'm giving away Starbucks Cards? If you know me I love Starbucks!
So this is what you gotta do to win it. And this Giveaway is sponsored by my own Brother, so he can't win it. hahah Sorry!  

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This Giveaway will start from 31st of Oct 2013 which is today and closing on 1st of Dec 2013! You guys have one month to share it like it and to win it! Share it everyday to stand a higher chance to win. Winners will be announce in my blog, facebook page and twitter.

Good luck!

P/s love you guys and see ya in my next post, xoxo.
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  1. Ooo that's a nice giveaway! The nail polishes are such nice colours!


  2. very cute blog...
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  3. The Fresh Rose hydrating gel sounds like a perfect product for winter. :)
    -B ♡ MsBerryStylish 


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