My everyday Go to Makeup Tutorial

So, I have so many ideas for tutorial blog post and I just want to make this one a lil different. I'm gonna show you makeup babies my everyday makeup look, if I'm going out on a casual day and I want to wear makeup this is what I'll do. Hope you guys enjoy. All products can be purchased at at farmasi or drugstore.

Let's start with my bare face.
I just applied some BB cream, it's lighter than foundation.Magic Girl Collagen BB Cream By Baviphat. They used to carry it in watsons I dunno if they still do. If not you can try the Revlon, Silky Girl, Maybelline or L'oreal.
Let's Start with brows!

Here's A video! hehe! =)

After that lets go to eyeliner.

 Got lots of questions on how I do my Eyeliner. Here's a video.

Now here is My Bronzer and Mascara routine

Last but not least I forgotten my tinted lipbalm!

The Finished look! =)

Things I Used! =)

See you Guys next time!
Love ya!

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