b.liv WITH ME!

Are you guys struggling with blackheads large pores that will never get away?
Using painful tools and the best nose strip in town? 
Don't have the money to spend on monthly facials?

Embark on a journey with me to test the hottest product in town now, b.liv by cellnique
Click on the link to find the website.
I have been on the Market to find a skincare that can reduce my large pores and get rid on my pesky blackheads, and I have been seeing people rave about this line and I decided to visit SASA which carry this product. Clinique have a simillar product but the price of the pore minimizing serum was already RM200, I was like no way Hosea. 
I was just going to buy the blackhead remover which is so popular and the pore minimizing product until the sales lady showed me & my mum the combo pack which is so much more worth it.

It also says to have a 14days money back Guaranteed. So It's awesome, I would say if I don't see results in 13 days I will return it! =)

I have been using this for only 3 days so I will update at the end of the week.
Here is my before skin

This is the before pictures, after pictures will be up at the end of this week will be link 'here' After next week of course.

This serum is the one that helps remove your blackheads as well as whiteheads, apparently it says on the back you will feel a tingling feeling/ minty feeling if you have sensitive skin and you face will produce more oil during initial use. Yes, I experienced both of that. They tingling feeling is more of a cooling feeling not stinging at all but be sure not to apply it too close to your eyes.  

As for this, it is a serum that says to minimize pores. This serum is a light weight milky serum, no scent and apply nicely on to skin. No cooling sensation or anything. 

As for this is just a typical moisturizer, what makes it different is that the color of the moisturizer is green. Don't worry it dries and apply transparent. It is also a very moisturizing, light weight and fragrant free moisturizer. 

For now this all I can say I will update with you guys soon.
If any of you would like to share your experience on this product please leave a comment or link your blog post I would love to read them.

P/S Love u all and see ya.
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