Blackheads Be GONE!

OMG! Have you guys ever experience a time in your life that you were hunting down for the nose strip for those pesky blackheads? Well I did, I tried so many. I try the gel one, treatment and even pressing them out with a tool and left me with a recent scar on the side of my nose. Yes, according to my previous post I did start using the b.liv treatment that everybody raves about. I will have a full blog post about later next week, so stay tune.

On the day I brought the b.liv set, my parents n I went into Daiso as well. My fav place to shop! hehe
This happened, I was kinda disappointed that I didn't find anything that catches my eye. Then, my mum said 'Eileen-ah, nah here they sell the nose strip as well. See the picture? From this to this!' I was like "Mummy-ah, it's just a marketing strategy it will not work the same plus you already brought me this set" Then "Just try la RM5 only ma" So I brought it. OMG! It was a life saver!

See the Before n After picture? haha! Mine was a lil different.

See the difference?? I did not believe is myself at first. I do not wanna show you the strip because it's yucky, you really see it.
I have very stubborn blackheads the basic Biore ones don't work for me at all,this surprisingly awesome! 
It smells kinda odd, maybe it's cause of the charcoal. Well if it works I don't mind.
When peeling this nose strip off, I can really feel it strip from my nose unlike other I don't feel a thing. Basically, you just wet your nose and paste the nose strip on your nose for 10mins or still harden. Then from one side strip it off, that's how I did it and it on for 10 mins only.
You have to be very careful because the glue instantly stick on wet surface and if you move it the area will not be sticky. Make sure you have dry hands!
You can get this at any Diaso in Malaysia and it's only RM5 perpack, each pack contains 5 pcs.

P/s love you guys and see ya in my next post, xoxo.

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  1. Hi Eileen, you can try watsons' brand. its very effective too and cheaper. 1piece is less than rm1. they always hv offer for that. the box is red and it has 10pieces in it. worth trying. =)


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