A day at Straits Quay Flea Market.

It was just a short trip to Straits Quay after a nice adventure around the hills of Penang, taking pictures. The rain was pouring so we decided to go to Straits Quay to check out the flea market and take some pictures of the boats and ships, but all plan failed as the rain didn't stop so I ended up taking pictures of the flea market. I was so overwhelm by all the stalls I didn't take pictures of all the stalls just some that I find really interesting.
Enough rambling here are the pictures, and yes I did edit them.

I really hope you guys enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoy taking them, this just a piece of my adventure and new found hobby that I wanted to share. My blog is called Beauty. Life . Fashion. Well, I missing life and fashion so I decided to step into life first and then to fashion.
Stay tuned for my 1st ever Christmas Giveaway. Contest details will be posted soon, I can tell you that the contest starts from 1st of November 2013 and the deadline is 20th of December 2013. So stay tune, it will be a yummy treat for you.

P/s love you guys and see ya in my next post, xoxo.

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