Sneak Preview of my review List

I recently just got back to Penang and went shopping with my mum and dad, me n my mum did an amount of damage in Sephora and Brahmin.

I was actually on the market looking for a good hair serum n a face moisturizer, naughty me ran into sephora and got so hype on it. Spend a 'SMALL' amount of time in there where my dad waited patiently outside.
This is a lil peak at our haul.

Well it's not so sneak peak right? I know but I do have so extra stuff that I will review which is not on the pictures, and yes some of those are not from sephora.

As you guys read, I mention a place call Brahmin. Brahmin is basically a shop which sells lingerie, not just any lingerie it's a sculpting and correcting lingerie shop. It ranges from bra to corsets and the whole package you will expect from a lingerie shop.

My mum brought for me two bras which is a correcting bra, which makes your bust more perky and correct them so they won't look too far apart.
That's all I can say, but if you guys want more detail I will blog about it.
Love you guys lots!
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