September Favorites 2013

Hello! =)
Early aren't I? Yup, this is because I have been having tons of free time and I would love to blog more often and I decided that I would keep up with my monthly favs.
This month I do have a product that is a miss for me, I would explain more later.
Let's start with hair shall we?
For hair I've been loving BAMBOO Smooth Kendi Oil Pure Treatment Oil with Organic Bamboo Oil for strong, Sleek, Frizz Free Hair ( Woah, that's a mouthful)
 This is a very recent purchase but nevertheless I have been loving it so much. I have dry and frizzy hair and yes I color treated my hair, so it's look frizz and dry. I have been on the market looking something that can help me. This can be used as a treatment or a daily serum, I use it as a daily serum where I just apply it on my air dried hair. A little goes a long way, but if u are Rapunzel you need more girl! Yes this is pricey but it works wonders for me, I got this from Sephora.

Moving down to ma face, Toner. I have been really lay for the past year and I always skip toner. Yeah, I know it's bad but I jump back into it and I have been liking not loving the Nivea Visage Aqua Sensation Invigorating Toner ( Man, another mouthful.)
Well, this is a mild toner. I don't see any difference maybe it's for Normal Skin that is why but I don't mind. Just gonna finish this up and look for another toner which have no alcohol in it. Because this toner does the job and I have been using is religiously every day throughout this month.

Moving to beauty! Yes I have 3 beauty products have been loving.
1st it's a Mascara. The Maybelline the Falsies Volume Express waterproof.

It's the most raved product I have ever seen since it was release in the U.S and with tons of versions. But in Malaysia we only have this version, but its awesome for me maybe. At 1st I didn't liked this product that much but after using for awhile I started to love it again. It really holds the curl of my lashes really well and it makes my bottom lashes looks amazing. And yes this mascara have micro fibers that will lengthen your lashes, it adds volume as well.

Well I have brought this product months ago and was really so hype up that I finally found it, didn't really knew how it should be apply and after some practice I'm loving it
It's the Nicole by O.P.I Nail Polish in Do Good Feel Good.

Basically you can see that this is a very pretty pale pink nail polish, I fell instantly in love with this nail polish when I lay my eyes on them. It makes my nails look clean and polish, it's sweet and classy. It is sheer but with two coats you can get the nice pale pink. FYI, each coat must be even to ensure you get an awesome finish.

Last but not least it's lippy, normally I do not wear lipstick when I go out, I prefer a stain or a clear lip balm. But I found this baby months ago and this baby will be my best friend. It's the Maybelline Baby Lips in Berry Crush.

This is a tinted lipbalm, the scent of this product reminds me of the old school scented erasers. Some people might get a lil scared when they see the bullet of the lipbalm, never judge the lip balm by it's bullet. This Lip balm gives me the most natural color and it brings more color to my face and keep my lips moisturizer. This is fault proof lip color you can wear and if you're just venturing into lipstick, give this a go.

Oh I almost forgot about this. The product that have been a miss for me this month, which is the Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base n Top Coat.
 As you can see I used up A great amount of this and I tried so many times to love it, but I can't. The problem with this is it always bubble up, after all my nails are dry I can clearly see polish on my nails. I tried not shaking the bottle at all before applying and it still bubbles not as much previously but it still bubbles. I will keep using it until it's all gone and buy another one. Not gonna ever repurchase, but one good side is, it really prevents you polish from chipping up to 2 weeks, at least for me. =)

Well, that's all my favs for this months and one miss. Maybe I should called it my monthly hits and misses or maybe just a random time. I can't decide yet, well see you guys next time.

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