Nail Tutorial : Minions

Well, I bet the Despicable Me Minion craze has already died off but I'm captivated by the cuteness of the lil minions on nails. So I came up with a really simple minion nail art design, which you can do by yourself no professionals needed.. This was my first time trying to recreate it. So I hope you guys enjoy! =) Oh ya do send me a picture, video response or blog post, I would love to see your guys recreations.

First off you would want to protect your nails with a base coat.
I'm using my Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base n Top Coat.

Then after the base coat has dried apply a banana yellow polish.
Mine is from Elianto nail color in S01. If your polish is sheer, apply a second coat after the first has dried. we want an opaque  finish.

After the yellow polish has totally dried.
Find a jeans blue polish or any dark blue polish or u can use any color for the pants for ur minions
I got mine from SASA, it's called Arezia in Code 881.
Just a apply a horizontally at the bottom of ur cuticle beds. Minons go " bahahaha, bottom, bahaha bottom"
so you'll have a blue horizontal stripe.

after the pants has dried, on a piece of plastic/paper drip some black nail polish on top.
Mine is from Bloop in H118.
Using a dotting tool / the edge of a bobby pin to dot on two black blobs on the yellow polish as eyes.

After it has dried, take any white polish and drip in on the plastic / paper and using a dotting tool / a bobby pin to dot the white polish above the black blobs with a slightly lighter hand to so u created the goggles the the white for the minions.

Last step is eye balls smile and hair.
This step is easy. using just a toothpick black nail polish.
Dip the tooth pick in the black polish and dot on the eyes and hair n mouth.

After it has dried apply a top coat and Voila Minion Nails. =)

Hope you enjoy this nail tutorial. If you love to see more please do send me requests.
And remember to send me your recreations.
Love you

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