Review: Meet Matt(e) by the The Balm

I've been wanting to get this palette for the longest time and i finally cave in when they had a sale at sasa, which I now know it is because The Balm came out with another Meet Matt(e) palette which is 2xBigger.
I find that the old one is much convenient to bring around an store as it is small n compact.
The colors changed slightly and some colors are more pearly than matte.

This palette consist of 9 matte shades.
Matt Smith - Matte Beige 
Matt Gallagher - Matte Light Brown
Matt Ramirez - Matte Dark Brown
Matt McDonald - Matte Dark Grey
Matt Horowitz - Matte Navy
Matt Chung - Matte Pastel Pink
Matt Batali - Matte Dark Plum
Matt Schilling - Matte Emerald 
Matt Patel - Matte Taupe

These are all very pigmented.
Matt Smith n Matt Chung not be very visible if you are very fair like me.
But all the other colors are beautiful, they are velvety and smooth.
Very easy to blend.
Last 4-6 hours without primer. (differs with diff skin type)
Can a achieve a day to night look with just this palette.
No fall outs when applied.

The original price was RM99.90 at Sasa but now they have a 30% sales going on, that is why I  got it. If  I'm not mistaken the new Meet Matt(e) palette is about RM120+.Get your hands on one of these before they are gone. Really worth it with the discount, quality shadows. 

P/S Love u all and see ya.
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