Experience: Being a part time makeup artist in college

I've been approach by my friends to do their makeup for their performances for tonight(23/8), it was a long day that leave me really beat. All glory goes to God for today and my success to accomplish the task, I didn't think I could have done all their makeup in time but I did and it all turn out beautifully.

They were all dress in red and fans with gold confetti at the end. I applied both colors and sparkle in their makeup. Which are Voluminous False lashes with crystals embedded  on the base on the lashes, gold/copper eye-shadow and bold red lips.

Tutorial will be up soon, if I'm super late please understand as I have college assignments to be done n finals are coming in another 2 weeks.

This is a quick post I wanna share.

Thank you Cormeen for modelling for me! =)

 P/S Love u all and see ya.
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  1. I'm still waiting for u to do my makeup! :) No joke babe!

  2. like wat i did to my friends babe? This a dramatic makeup for a stage performance. 4 hours of hardwork

  3. NO LA but a more wearable makeup or else I dare not walk out from the house :P


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