Hi guys! Actually I really love watching & reading of people have in their make up bags, I'm just nosy like that! ;)

I'm gonna just briefly go through them, I don't wanna make this blog too long to read!( P.S I have to much stuff)
 Disclaimer: I am not bragging about what I have, I have been collecting them for quite some time that's why I have this much.

My Victoria's Secret make up bag is a gift from my mum
It's very full

A sneak peak inside
Let me start off with some miscellaneous stuffs that are very useful to me.
 My hair clip is, well you know you can't have hair in your face to do your make-up. =)
My Contact lens, in a very unattractive case. My mini Johnson's body care moisturizer, which smells amazing! My BLINK eye drops that I carry everywhere! And my lil travel size perfume, which is my Lancome Tresor in Love.

This is one of my biggest investment that I made! A high end eyelash curler, my drugstore eyelash curlers always die on me or cut off my lashes when it did. I made a decision to buy this! It's my baby that's why I kept it protected in it's box. I'm paranoid like that.

One of my only 2 mascaras, I don't really buy mascaras until they run out because I tend to just stick to one product I don't explore much with mascaras. All I have is my Maybelline The Falsies Mascara and my Elite Baby Mascara. I prefer the Elite one as it can be remove easily!

These are the lip products that I have in my make-up bag. These are my most used and favorite lip products! My Fav lip balm is my Maybelline Baby Lips! YUMMY! My Fav lip stick at the moment that I found recently was the Maybelline Color Sensational Lip stick in 215 Totally Toffee, it smells so good and it's a pretty nude shade for me. As for lip gloss my Za Plumper Lip Gloss is my love! As for lip tint, it will be my Tony Moly that I have forever!

My Maybelline Gel liner in Black is my best friend when I want a really dramatic cat eye and a very natural korean eyeliner look.

 This is what I use when I want to spice up my look
and bring some color to it. It's my Maybelline 2 in 1 Shadow liner in blue it's a navy blue. I used it normally as my eyeliner.

This is my current favorite black liquid eyeliner, It kinda stain my lids a lil. But it doesn't smudge and stay put all day.

These the brushes that I have in my make-up bag, a retractable one which I have to find one to replace as it's very scratchy and two face brushes and an eye shadow brush.

This is one of my few favorite compact to bring around in my make-up bag. It's the Rimmel Match Perfection, in Ivory. It helps control my oil and does not make me look cakey.

These are one of my two bases, my Magic Girl BB cream by Baviphat which is crazy expensive but is super awesome! And my Za Skin Beauty Liquid Foundation in 21, I used this for a night time look. This foundation is really watery and light weights, I have never tried a medium to full coverage foundation before.

This is my primer by Baviphat, it has an iridescent finish and keeps my foundation in place and stays on all night.
This is my secret to glowing skin. shhh!
Next to it is my current bronzer which is by essence in 02. Sometimes is may look a lil orange but I can still work with it.

These are the only 2 eye shadow palette I keep in my make-up bag. One is a Matte palette and another is a more shimmer type of palette. My Meet Matt(e) palette by the Balm and my Maybelline palette in Copper Brown.

I have 2 individual cream shadow for a lazy day or a long hour event, this absolutely don't smudge on me. I have a blog post on this cream Shadow go check it out. This are the Maybelline 24H Color Tattoo in 45 Bold Gold and 25 Bad to the Bronze. Why I say lazy days because you can just wear it on it's own.

This is a press pigment by L'oreal, it's the Color Infallible in 033 Tender Caramel. It's awesome to wore on it's own as well or layered on another shadow! I love this so much, even though it was expensive and 'limited edition' in Malaysia of course.

This is my Concealer in 02, Maybelline Mineral concealer.
This is my only 2 blushes which are my in2it, lovebird and my elianto blush in Pink Beam

This is my Brow pencil from Empro in Golden Brown.

I normally would not bring this if I don't have an event to go to.

Inside I have my false lashes and my Revlon Phoro ready Compact in Natural Ochre.

These all the things I have in my make-up bag. If you have any request please tell me in the comments or contact me through all these social network.
See you guys next time! =) xoxo

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