Bag Of The Month **July**

In this particular Month I've picked something a lil colorful, that can help you color lovers to venture into colors without looking like a rainbow. I've chosen a more clean face look with a lil color on your lids, it's fun and fresh look perfect for a fun day out or a fun date with your boyfriend or husband.
Sorry I skipped June as you will see later I forgot to add in Mascara.. So Picture quality will a bit off, bare with me my dears.

This is what I came out with.
I'm Sorry I'm missing the Mascara But it will be down below.

As You can see in the picture I have not include any foundation just concealer and powder. I'm going for that natural flawless canvas, not the typical foundation face.

1. Concealer

 I've chosen the Maybelline Pure Mineral Concealer as it's getting pretty hot lately and foundation will only make you look cakey, plus you will look more natural with less make-up. Plus Foundation are more obvious in the day, a lil concealer will hide you imperfections without looking too much.

2. Powder

So, if you have very oily skin and you can't control it or you like a matte finish more than a dewy finish. Dust your T-Zone with this Revlon PhotoReady Two way Foundation, I told you before that foundation will be a lil bit unnatural but dusting lightly on your skin will help control your oil and give you a small lil coverage. Opt for a translucent powder if you don't wanna wear powder Foundation.

3 Eyebrows

Bold Brows are really on trend now, so summer essentials are your brow pencil, gels, or powders! My current Favorite is the Za Ever Brows eyebrow pencil.Why I love this is because it has a Spooly brush on the end, so it's a two in one product. Lightly fill in gaps of your brows and brush them out with the spooly for a more natural look.

3. Eye Liner

Now I picked up 3 eyeliners, one is our standard black liquid and our pop of colors are pink and purple! Apply your eyeliner as usual, but a thin line. Not too thick but a thin line, I prefer a winged out look. After that take the pink eyeliner and line above the black liner, do not cover the black liner just above it. Just go half way along the eyeliner area and using the purple liner go over the pink one from where you end. Smudging the colors together a lil at the middle to create a magenta color, then continue lining till the wing of you black liner. This will create that pop of color above your normal black eyeliner.

4. Mascara
Sorry for the poor picture quality.

Curl and apply a few coats of Mascara! OMG! When I first got this mascara I didn't think I would like it that much, but after using it for several times I fell instantly in love with it. The brush is smaller that any other mascara brush and it don't smudge, most importantly it is so easy to remove with just make-up wipes! This is the Elite Baby Mascara! And a plus is that it made my bottom lashes look amazing and it coat it super well without smudging my face.

5. Blusher

Next, dust on the blusher of your choice and pink or peach blush will work! No shimmer we want your eyes to shine not your cutesy cheeks.

6. Lipstick

Use a peach lipstick. Mine's from Lo'real in RC402 Pretty Peach, what I love about this lipstick is that it has gold shimmer in it and it has a glossy finish.

So that sums up the bag! I hope you fine this useful and resourceful, all the products you can find in drugstores and pharmacies.Please stay tune to next months bag and please share it out.

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Photo Credits to Brian Choo.


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